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Outsource Live Chat Support

Are you looking for new ways to provide personalized, timely support to your customers? If you’re not using Live Chat yet, rest assured your competitors are! Executive Boutique understands that adding Live Chat to your in-house operations can be a daunting prospect, which is why we offer software integration help and a group of fully-trained workers who can support your growing business needs.

What is Live Chat?

Businesses do their best to provide clear, concise information to consumers with web content, FAQs, Help pages, and emails. However, many consumers just want immediate answers to their most pressing questions, without having to sift through a lot of text. A business can initiate Live Chat with a pop-up on its website that asks users: “How May We Help You Today?” Or users can click the Live Chat window to connect with a customer service representative right away as they listen to music, watch TV, or surf the web — without holding a phone to their ear or being bombarded by waiting music, on hold. Live Chat is a unique way of providing quality support that many consumers love!

The Benefits of Live Chat Services

A recent study found that customers who use Live Chat are three times more likely to buy, since this method of contact provides direct and personal interaction with customers.

They also reported that businesses who adopted an interactive Live Chat strategy saw:

  • 305% Return On Investment for sales chat, with a payback period of six months (when using paid chat services)
  • 120% Return On Investment for customer service chat, with a payback period of six months
  • 59% call deflection rate from the main customer call centers

Offering this real-time convenience to your customers will improve their confidence in your support, which translates to better customer loyalty. Our clients find that Live Chat effectively increases the average order value of customer purchases when agents offer personalized shopping advice and insights. You can then use the new analytics data coming in through the Chat App to identify emerging trends in customer pain points to improve your products, service, and sales scripts.

Live Chat is an excellent feature, no matter where customers are in the sales cycle. Researchers found Live Chat:

  • Increased marketing awareness by 29%
  • Increased the identification of promising sales leads by 39%
  • Improved early-stage direct engagement by 32%
  • Improved mid-stage engagement by 24%
  • Boosted closings by 18%
  • Improved post-sales education by 39%

How Outsourcing Live Chat Helps You Provide Customized Support

Once it becomes clear your business could really use Live Chat, you’ll need to overcome cost and training hurdles. That’s where Executive Boutique can help as an economical and efficient way to provide personalized support, without hassle. As your partner, we provide you with dedicated, fully trained staff and oversee the daily management of operations, freeing you to focus on the tone of engagement and growing your revenue.

Our Live Chat operators are on the frontline, with their eyes on your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will immediately identify technical issues with your website when they occur, and alert you to any problems before you start losing money! Our experienced Chat operators make each individual feel truly cared for and valued.

Frequently Asked Questions about Live Chat

Here are a few questions about our call overflow services:

What is live chat customer service?
Live Chat first launched in 2002 to connect customers with help desk support staff in real-time, through an instant messaging app. Today, more than 19,000 customers in more than 118 countries use Live Chat.

Why is live chat important?
Offering Live Chat to your customers lets users with small questions instantly connect with someone for answers, while leaving other forms of customer service like email and phone for larger problems. This accessibility greatly reduces call times and staffing expenses. Today’s customers have come to expect the instant gratification Live Chat provides, as you demonstrate you’re a forward-thinking enterprise that is available to consumers wherever, however, and whenever they wish to connect.

What is the value of outsourcing live chat?
Outsourcing to college-educated, English-speaking call center representatives in the Philippines is one of the most common ways to make Live Chat capabilities affordable for your business. Rather than paying salaried or hourly employees to staff the inquiries coming through the Live Chat app, you can tap an eager pool of workers in Cebu City, where the cost of living is much cheaper. You can have workers on call during your normal off-hours, on weekends, or on major holidays if you wish.

Founded by successful business executives in the US, UK, and Australia, Executive Boutique offers small and medium-sized businesses the value of unparalleled customer service for a fraction of the price. We take care of our clients by offering flexible contracts and transparent pricing. Contact us for a quote to see just how affordable it can be to add Live Chat to your customer service repertoire.

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