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Customer Retention Services

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Outsource Customer Retention Support

In today’s global economy, increasing numbers of businesses are placing more focus and energy on customer retention. Why is customer retention so important to the future success of your company? Research has shown that educating and converting new customers can cost seven times more than retaining your existing clients. Selling your products and services to people who are already engaged with your brand is more cost-effective and efficient than relying on new leads and customer acquisitions.

Building and maintaining a loyal customer base is a challenging task. High quality service and superior customer support are critical to fostering a strong relationship and long-term loyalty.

Executive Boutique understands the inherent value of excellent customer care, and can help your business maximize retention through sound strategies. Our customer retention services are designed to nurture and enhance existing client relationships, while saving your business time, resources and money.

The Importance of Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is the goal of any start-up, but maintaining and nurturing old ones makes even better business sense. A satisfied customer is one who will return year after year. Research continues to demonstrate that existing customers are worth more than new ones. According to one report from the Gartner Group, a mere 20 percent of existing customers will be responsible for 80 percent of future business revenues.

Here are some key reasons why customer retention services are so important:

  • Maintaining existing customers is cheaper than acquisition
  • Keeping customers longer increases long-term revenue projections
  • Increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits by up to 95%
  • Loyal customers are more profitable and spend more on orders
  • Happy customers are your best source for new referrals and new business

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Retention

There are multiple advantages to outsourcing your customer retention campaign to Executive Boutique. Our customer retention call center takes a proactive approach to client support, helping to keep their concerns and needs a top priority. We offer both inbound and outbound customer retention platforms, and assist with matters ranging from product support and conflict resolution to soliciting periodic feedback.

Our cost-effective strategies can benefit your business by:

  • Minimizing customer attrition rate
  • Delivering on-point messages via social media, SMS, phone calls or email
  • Ensuring quick response time and friendly, personalized service
  • Having in-depth knowledge of your products and services
  • Strengthening brand awareness
  • Launching tailored loyalty campaigns and promotional offers
  • Anticipating future needs of customers
  • Identifying policy flaws and common complaints


Why Outsource Retention with EB Call Center

Customer retention relies heavily upon building a solid, trusted relationship with clients. Our services are designed to not only improve customer experience through open communication and engagement, but enhance brand image. Whether you’re losing business because of pricing, poor customer support or operational changes, EB Call Center is poised to help. Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by outsourcing your customer retention with EB Call Center. Boasting the latest technology and a user-friendly interface, our customer retention call center streamlines every aspect of client service, from payment processing and on-boarding to loyalty analytics. In addition, we can help grow your business by identifying referral sales opportunities and key strategies that can promote a more satisfied, loyal client base.

Are you ready to increase revenues and decrease churn? Executive Boutique customer retention services are an affordable and reliable way to achieve both goals. Learn more about improving client retention by contacting EB Call Center at 1-888-700-9555

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