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Outsourcing Call Center

Outbound Support

Do you want to take advantage of the same sales force that many of the top lead generation companies use to build their market share? Executive Boutique’s outbound call center teams based in Cebu City, Philippines will help your business grow. Our talented script writers know how to market to your customers, and we use the newest dialing technology to make sure your agents are on the phones selling and not waiting for their calls to connect.

We understand the value of outbound calls to your bottom line and your reputation, and we work hard to exceed your expectations. Fortune 500 businesses, Major lead generation firms, and data collection companies trust Executive Boutique to make their calls. Why should your business be any different?

Outsourcing Call Center Services

Outbound call center services offered by Executive Boutique include:

  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Market Research
  • Surveys
  • Data Verification
  • Fundraising
  • Post Sales Follow-Up

Outsourcing Outbound Call Center

An outbound calling service acts as a valuable extension of your business. Executive Boutique offers you competitive advantage with:


Executive Boutique has highly skilled agents with years of experience selling products and telemarketing over the phone. We tailor programs that fit your needs and offer the best in script writing, quality control, and outbound call training. And our detailed reporting lets you be sure your campaign is running the way you expect. Executive Boutique works with some of the largest lead generation companies in the United States and we provide our clients with fresh sales opportunities daily


With Executive Boutique’s offshore call center you get more value for your outbound calling campaigns. Our comprehensive support ensures high sales ratio, customer service and the best return on investment. Executive Boutique’s pricing is both competitive and flexible. With no long-term commitments, our month-to-month agreements give you the flexibility to add agents to projects fast. Our onsite training and quality control ensures that your expectations will be met.


Our Philippine telemarketing teams have helped our clients in various market sectors including: Health Care Products, Nutritional Products, Online Marketing, Medical Equipment, Subscription Renewal, Educational Training, Work-From-Home, Franchise Expansion, Student Loans, Mortgage Loans, Payday lending, Health Insurance, Income Tax Preparation, Legal Marketing, and Direct Response Follow-up.


Executive Boutique uses the newest and most advanced predictive dialer technology to make sure your outbound campaigns run at maximum efficiency. Research indicates that predictive dialing can increase call center efficiency by close to 300%. We offer onsite monitoring and call recording of our agents and outbound call center activity to optimize sales conversions and call outcomes.


In October 2013, the US government further restricted the ability to call a US cell phone from an automatic or predictive dialer. It now requires express written consent from the customer. However, many companies need the ability to dial cell phone numbers in a manner that will not raise TCPA compliance issues. Executive Boutique has a fully compliant dialing solution that has no “capacity” for predictive or automatic dialing, and thus falls within the law. Cell phone numbers can be safely dialed via an Agent Click-To-Dial request. List-loading and Campaign Management on this new architecture are almost identical to our normal preview dialer but are completely separate from the Predictive Dialer platform, making it a legally compliant application.

How Outsourcing Outbound Calls help you grow your business

Whether you’re a small startup or a rapidly expanding company, resources are precious. You know you need a call center to solicit new business and reach out to existing customers who may be interested in the latest products or services. Yet, it’s not so easy to staff, train, and manage a call center team.

Outsourcing to Executive Boutique lets you expand your outbound call capabilities, without worrying about the overhead of housing the team in a building, the HR of hiring and training, or the cost of researching and upgrading to new technology. You can enjoy the freedom to temporarily increase staffing when you’re embarking upon a new campaign, and reduce the number of outbound calls as you see fit.

Outsourcing outbound calls is about so much more than picking up the telephone and making a call. The feedback and data we provide helps you improve your business and gain more long-term, loyal customers in the end. A good outbound call center can help you with strategic planning, industry best practices, and technology upgrades. We not only help your business grow, but we help you plan how to grow with our expertise.

Let our experienced team help you sell.

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