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Executive Boutique call centers manage all the tasks involved with lead generation, such as identifying the right contact person, exploring the availability of key decision makers, and pre-qualifying leads. We enable your team to achieve greater productivity with a larger pool of interested prospects. Our US and Australian-owned call center provides best-in-class service and dedicated agents to small and mid-sized businesses who wish to explore their full growth potential in the coming year.

What is Lead Generation?

In marketing, a “lead” is a person who indicates some type of interest in your company’s product or service. Leads may come from people who interact with a brand via search engines, social media, the company website, a mailed survey, an inbound call, or a person who has already spoken with a cold caller. Generating leads is one of the first steps in the sales process, once there is a product or service worth selling and a general audience for the company’s offerings.

The Benefits of Lead Generation

Salespeople close deals and make sure customers are linked with the right products to match their needs. That’s what they do best. The ideal scenario for a sales professional is to spend their time with someone who is already interested in the products or service and familiar with the company. Lead generation services free up your sales staff to focus their efforts on bringing pre-qualified, “warmed up” prospects through to the sale, rather than wasting their valuable time making cold calls.

How Outsourcing Lead Generation Can Help Your Business

The more leads a company has, the more sales they have, so you can see why lead generation is at the core of a successful business growth strategy. The trouble with devoting much time to cold-calling and lead pre-qualification in-house is that it tends to be very expensive in places like the UK and the USA, where the cost of living commands higher wages. Outsourcing the more basic aspects of your lead generation process to intelligent, capable, courteous English-speakers in the Philippines is a way to increase your sales volume and make your sales staff more productive, without dipping into your profit margins.

What a Lead Generation Call Center Does

Our highly trained lead generation call center staff identifies the core decision makers at the prospect companies or households and figures out the best time to reach key targets. We educate prospects on the benefits of conducting business with your company, pre-qualify their needs and timetable for making a purchase, and set up interested parties with your inside field sales agent or office staff. It’s been estimated that 67% of sales are lost due to sales reps going through the full sales process without properly qualifying potential customers, so let us take some of the burden off your shoulders!

Businesses that work with outsourced call centers:

  • Begin hitting missed growth targets right away
  • Gain years of experience overnight
  • Realize a better lead conversion rate
  • Provide 24/7 availability for their customers

How to Get Started with Outsourced Lead Generation

Call Executive Boutique to learn just how easy it is to on-board a lead generation team based in the Philippines.

We have more than 425 pre-screened, trained, and qualified agents working in our state-of-the-art call center in Cebu City’s IT Park. Our call center operates continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we provide clients with an exclusive team of agents who work only for them. All agents come to us with at least two years of college completed and previous call center experience. They pass oral and written communication tests, score above average on EQ and IQ tests, obtain National Bureau of Investigations clearance, and complete medical screening tests before being hired.

Call center staff receive thorough training on your products, services, business vision, and goals in our large conference room over the course of one to six weeks. We encourage clients to visit our office during the training period, but most training can be completed over the phone or using web-based screen sharing services if necessary. We use role play, simulations, test calls, call scripts, and videos as part of standard training procedure.

Contact us for more information on how lead generation services can help your business grow.


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