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Post Sales Follow-Up Services

Post Sales Follow Ups

Successful organizations understand that the story does not end with the sale. A post-sales follow up plan opens up opportunities to continue service, close additional deals, and build customer loyalty. Your most promising potential customer is the customer you already have and well-managed post sales follow up calls are the key to leveraging that potential.

Outsourcing post sales follow up services lets a business focus on its strengths while reaping the benefit of a telemarketing professional’s expertise. Executive Boutique skillfully manages post sales follow ups to support your campaign.

What are Post Sales Follow-Ups?

Post sales follow ups are an organization’s key to keeping the relationship going even after the deal has closed.

Depending on the business’s model and goals, it can include:

  • Inquiring about customer’s happiness and further needs
  • Making requests for feedback
  • Offering warranty service, repairs, refunds and customer support
  • Pitching further related promotions
  • Any other communication that builds on the prior relationship created by the sale

Effective post sales follow ups are part strategy and part art. Having a clear purpose for a follow-up adds value and opportunity while careless follow ups can annoy customers and turn them off.

The Benefits of Post Sales Follow-Ups?

Follow ups convey the feeling of personalized care, which is often lost in this automated world.

When handled well, post sales follow ups offer the chance to build customer loyalty. This opens the door to additional sales, referrals, positive online reviews, the opportunity to advertise upcoming promotions, and general good will associated with your brand. Thoughtful follow up can put an organization in tune with customer needs. It can also keep it in the forefront of clients’ minds so that it is the go-to resource when a new need arises.

How Outsourcing Post Sales Follow Ups Helps You Close More Deals

Whether an organization manufactures a product or provides a service, it does so because that is where it excels. Conducting follow ups post-sale is another skill entirely unto itself. Placing these calls in the hands of trained telemarketers who are skilled in follow up calls means you can focus on providing the best product possible and leave post sales calls to agents experienced in this type of customer care.

Outsourcing also reduces the time and expense of training on-site customer service agents. An off-site staff already has the skill necessary to provide attentive customer care that reflects well on a client.

Effective, Flexible and Economical Post Sales Follow Ups

If follow up calls are not handled well, they can have a detrimental effect. Customers who are annoyed by repeated vendor calls, or calls that do not have a distinct and relevant purpose, are less likely to return and more likely complain online or to other customers. Some countries also have laws that limit when and how companies may make follow-up email communications, as well as how information may be shared and used, so careless communications can expose companies to liability. Choosing to outsource to a telemarketing agency like Executive Boutique helps your organization avoid these and other pitfalls.

Executive Boutique offers pricing and flexibility that allows small organizations to compete with Fortune 500 companies. Our off-site call center is located in the Philippines and employs college graduates, allowing us to balance top quality service with affordability.

We offer comprehensive telemarketing services to organizations across multiple industries – including but not limited to health care, legal marketing, tax preparation, work-from-home, and franchise expansion – in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Our offerings allow your organization to choose dedicated post sales follow up services or add additional options from our umbrella campaign services including sales lead generation, market research, data verification, and fund-raising.

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