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Outsource Telemarketing Services

Outsourced telemarketing allows an organization to leverage personal contact to further customer relations in a strategic and affordable way. Executive Boutique offers a reliable solution to businesses looking to grow their sales base, relying on skillfully trained staff and major lead generation tactics.

There are many ways to accomplish telemarketing goals. An effective strategy should take into account the goals, operations, and clientele of the business. Working with a skilled and experienced telemarketing firm that understands your goals is the top way to solidify a successful approach. Executive Boutique offers tailored programs to suit your needs and skilled agents with years of experience.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is sometimes misunderstood because it is an umbrella term that overlaps some other services. It encompasses telesales as well as broader activities that lay the groundwork for converting sales.

Telemarketing offers established businesses and those looking to grow an economical and efficient way to engage potential customers in a strategic and targeted way. It includes providing information, fielding customer feedback, scheduling appointments, producing leads, and otherwise generating interest by telephone.

The Benefits of Telemarketing

Telemarketing uses an inexpensive medium to personally reach an audience – presenting an invaluable opportunity of active interaction. From a sales perspective, telemarketing provides the opportunity of an intimate dialogue, which fosters a relationship and allows the associate to overcome objections on the spot.

Effective telemarketing is based on the generation of strong leads. This results in significantly more success than cold calling. After a sale, telemarketing allows for valuable feedback to improve your product, business, or relations.

Telemarketing with the help of Executive Boutique offers the additional benefit of our unique methods to dial U.S. cell phones without running afoul of American laws.

Why Outsource Telemarketing Services?

Outsourcing telemarketing lets you do what you do best while letting highly trained telemarketing associates handle what they do best. It is common in many industries that the top performers are not skilled in direct marketing – but this can be handled by a dedicated staff. Outsourcing also reduces the time and cost of training internal staff for the job. Trained telemarketers can also usually do the job more effectively because they are skilled at narrowing down the field to those leads most worth attention, resulting in improved conversion rates.

Why Outsource Telemarketing?

  • Lets you do what you do best
  • Get the most out of every team member
  • Reduce time and improve efficiency
  • Improve conversion rates

What is the Value of Outsourcing Telemarketing Services?

Outsourcing is efficient because it allows an organization’s professionals to focus on their main job functions while leaving telemarketing to a trained and experienced staff. Besides the time, effort, and skill it takes to manage an effective campaign, organizations that manage their telemarketing internally must also take on the hiring and training of their staff. Overall, an outside telemarketing team costs less and performs better.

Our telemarketing call center in the Philippines saves money for American, British, and Australian organizations while staffing our call center with college graduates. We provide complete training and have expertise in developing leads, writing scripts, and interacting with potential clients.

What Types of Telemarketing Services are Available?

Executive Boutique offers a full range of services from our telemarketing call center. Our inbound services include customer service and tech support.

Our trained agents help improve customer experience and retention by taking a personal approach while taking and processing orders, fielding requests for customer support, registering conference and event attendees, scheduling appointments, providing directory assistance, answering billing inquiries, managing call overflow, offering support for website navigation, software or mobile applications, troubleshooting or diagnosing a software problem, or performing other services that improve customer retention.

Our outbound call center can provide sales lead generation and market research, surveys, fund-raising, data verification, post-sales follow-up, and other telemarketing services to suit customer needs.

We offer small and medium-sized businesses the same high quality expected by large corporations but we do it affordably and with flexible month-to-month options.

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