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Site Navigation Training Services

Philippines Call Center Tech Support Outsourcing site navigation training and other services to Executive Boutique Call Center in Cebu City, Philippines helps your business stay in touch with customers to boost retention and close sales. Executive Boutique offers a full suite of customer support services, including: basic customer service, data verification, tech support, help desk, troubleshooting, Live Chat, loyalty program management, sales assistance, and website navigation support.

Why Website Usage Matters

When completing an online transaction with your business, customers may require assistance registering to use a website, remembering user names and passwords, overcoming display issues, or figuring out how to complete an online purchase. Benefits of website usage support include:
  • Increased website visit duration and customer engagement
  • Decreased bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts
  • Increased sales volume and average order totals
  • Improved website usage data collection that will aid in future website development and redesigns

Website Usage Training for Customers

Website usage training from Executive Boutique Call Center provides customers with the assurance they need to use your website. Regardless of your end-user’s level of proficiency, our IT support team is here with phone, email, or Web Chat support to guide them. Website usage training support services generally include:

Website login support

– to overcome problems choosing a username and password, verification of login details, providing reminders, resetting lost usernames/passwords, browser compatibility issues, login errors, and cookie settings.

Navigational assistance support

to help users understand the structure and functionality of your website to obtain the information they are looking for or complete the desired transaction.
Here are a few examples of common website navigation support issues we assist with:
  • New user account setup
  • Account updates and deletion
  • Shopping cart assistance
  • Payment gateway and transaction assistance
  • Bug reporting and website errors
  • Browser settings and maintenance
  • Username/password reminders and resets
  • Navigation and search assistance
  • Privacy, security, and cookie settings
  • FAQ support
  • Ticketing and escalation support

Website Usage Training for Employees

Customers aren’t the only ones who require website usage training. If you’ve recently switched to a new software or redesigned your back-end site, you may not have enough time or resources in-house to effectively onboard your staff.

Benefits of Site Navigation Training for Employees:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Speeds up day-to-day processes
  • Reduce errors and bottlenecks
  • Improves employee confidence and satisfaction
You’ve invested in the latest design aesthetics and technology to make your business more competitive. You can’t afford to have employees hastily shown the ropes, taking confused stabs in the dark that cost you time, money, and reputation. Go the extra mile to get site navigation training that keeps your workforce operating at the top of their game.

Site Navigation Call Center

Choosing a bilingual support staff that can offer 24/7 support is smart business. Executive Boutique agents come from diverse backgrounds and experience, but all possess college-level education and advanced training. They act as an extension of your in-house team, offering dedicated support just when and where you need it. Outsourcing site navigation training is a fast and simple solution to reduce costs, while improving customer experience or employee training. Executive Boutique is run by top business executives with experience in retail, wholesale, medical, online services, manufacturing, travel, hospitality, healthcare, not-for-profit, education, insurance, and financial. Contact us to find out how effective and affordable site navigation support can be. CTA 2

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