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Outsourcing app support, software support, and/or mobile support is a cost-effective, quick solution to scale-up customer service and provide the technical expertise needed to keep customers happy. Comprehensive 24/7 software support services can sometimes be more than you’re equipped to handle in-house. You can’t afford to lose customers by neglecting software and app support. When you need to support a wide range of technologies, it can be easier to outsource mobile support to a workforce that is already trained, diligent, and experienced.

Once you have developed remarkable software for your customers, you need to support it. Consumers expect robust customer service departments to meet their demands instantly. Any company that cannot provide effective, five-star support runs the risk of losing valuable business to competitors.

Benefits of Outsourced Mobile Support

Outsourced mobile support is the right choice as the world becomes increasingly mobile. Outsourcing can:

  • Let your in-house team focus on core competencies in development or sales.
  • Give you access to immediate technical expertise in areas you may not have trained your employees in yet.
  • Save you money with a predictable, fixed-price support contract.
  • Provide you with extra support when your in-house staff members are absent or away on vacation.
  • Allow you greater flexibility when your app support needs increase or decrease.
  • Relieve you of the responsibility of hiring, training, and paying employees.
  • Improve social media feedback, as customers praise you for your accessibility.
  • Ease decision-making with regard to technology used in your support center.
  • Improve metrics like speed to answer, wait time, first call resolution, and call abandonment.

Types of App Support Services

Executive Boutique offers several different types of app support service. Outsourcing technical support lets you offer 24/7 availability. Remote app support saves you time, money, and hassle, while providing your customers with immediate, robust technical assistance. Leave all the hiring and training to our experienced professionals in Cebu City, Philippines.

App Tech Support

App tech support comes in many forms. No one wants to scroll through FAQs anymore. Preferred modes of contact include phone, email, social media, ticketing systems, and real-time chat. We use priority queuing for previously reported issues and unresolved claims to ensure customer satisfaction. Each of our clients receives dedicated agents who are trained to be an extension of your in-house team.

In App Support

A poll conducted by Radius Global Market Research in spring 2017 found that 89% of respondents would recommend an app if a customer service support agent proactively contacted them while they were experiencing problems. Another 46% said they would use an app offering in-app customer service as a feature. Of the 69% of customers who had trouble with a mobile app, 27% had issues on a daily or weekly basis. Nearly half of the people surveyed said they’d delete an app that did not provide good customer service. Executive Boutique agents can help you get a program off the ground where agents can monitor app use for indicators that customers are experiencing problems with the program. We can proactively offer in app support or be there at the touch of a button, without customers ever having to exit the app.

Why Choose Executive Boutique for Software Support?

Executive Boutique was founded by experienced business executives with a track record of success in training, customer service, technology, and creative problem-solving. We understand what you need when it comes to outsourcing software and app support. You need a responsive help desk that can provide answers and assistance to customers 24/7. You need proactive database monitoring to ensure top performance. When you outsource mobile support, you need friendly agents who love their jobs and have excellent command of the English language. Contact us for a free quote on our affordable software support services.

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