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Software Installation Services

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Executive Boutique Call Center offers comprehensive software installation support at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house IT specialists. Our remote software installation services support both traditional and multiplatform requirements, delivering customers a fully-functional operating system that runs quickly and efficiently.

Is your operating system in need of new software? Implementing or updating new programs, email applications or drivers on your computers can be a challenging task for the most tech-savvy among us. Does your current network have the system requirements necessary? Whether your organization uses Linux or Microsoft Windows, software installation can be extremely labor intensive and fraught with hurdles that cost time and money.

Save your internal team the burden of time-consuming software installation with our professional tech support services.

Outsource Software Installation Services

Advances in software are revolutionizing virtually every aspect of the way we live. From basic accounting and tracking sales to collaborative project management, software is designed to help businesses of all sizes increase productivity. Whether you need work-order software or a web-based administrative dashboard, the installation process depends on the application being implemented, and the operating system your computer uses. The most common operating systems (OS) include Apple OS X, Linux distributions, and Microsoft Windows. Software installation is a simple and straightforward process for skilled developers, but novice users are often frustrated with the process. Incorrect or failed installations can take a huge toll on productivity, which is where EB Call Center can help.

Software Installation Help

Today’s modern business has multiple staff, multiple locations and multiple computers. The larger the organization, the higher the potential for software installation and compatibility problems. EB Call Center’s certified technicians can assist in all areas of software installation support, and can tailor settings according to preferences and needs. Our team provides error-free installation support for software applications, networking devices and other PC peripherals. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in hundreds of software applications and platforms, you’ll never have to troubleshoot failures again.

Our software installation support services include:

  • Remote software installation & desktop support
  • Email server installation and integration
  • Windows, Apple and Linux servers and applications installation
  • Installation of compatible drivers for PC peripherals
  • 24/7 access to trained technicians

Software Installation Call Center

Every software experience begins with a clean installation. This affects the functionality, security and compatibility with other applications and programs that must sync to run properly. Given the wide variety of operating systems, browsers, hardware and networks used, software incompatibility is a common problem. Executive Boutique always tests for compatibility prior to installation, helping customers avoid performance problems and dreaded error codes. Regardless of the type of infrastructure your company is using, installing and updating software is time-consuming. Along with software deployment, we also make sure that all computer programs are running efficiently with the latest updates.

Take advantage of our installation services for your software, which can:

  • Reduce susceptibility to viruses
  • Enhance network security
  • Prevent data loss
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower risk of pirated or corrupt software

Executive Boutique can handle the complex task of updating and installing software on your laptop, workstation or server quickly and painlessly. By outsourcing your IT needs to EB Call Center, there is no need to wait for a technician. Our agents can perform custom software installations remotely, and are poised to serve clients around the globe. We are proud to offer affordable, effective support for all of your software and technical support needs.

Discover the many benefits of software installation support with Executive Boutique. Contact us online for a free quote today!


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