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More and more businesses are finding value in outsourced software training. Software training services from Executive Boutique Call Center include state-of-the-art technology utilizing multiple learning methods, with real, live human beings available for interpersonal problem-solving and support. Our technical support programs are designed to get beginners up and running quickly, and show advanced users how to delve deeper into accessing shortcuts and the more robust features of the software.

When employees are well trained in software, they express greater confidence and job satisfaction, they make fewer costly errors, and they are better able to service your customers and hit target objectives.

Software Training Services

Executive Boutique offers the following software training services to satisfy your needs:

  • New software setup and installation – Get a fully functional system installed that has all the bugs worked out.
  • Software troubleshooting – We can scan your computers remotely to identify, diagnose, and resolve issues.
  • On-demand tutorials – Video tutorials address many topics users commonly need to understand the software.
  • Webinars – Short, effective, live events taught by expert instructors bring the seminar from us to you.
  • Live classes – We offer the traditional approach with a new twist: you can attend class remotely!
  • Coaching – Our experts work with team leaders or struggling employees to address specifics by phone or email.
  • Live session tutorials – Using screen capture tools, we can walk employees through one-on-one “hands-on”
  • Consulting – Need a more refined training document, spreadsheet, or database? We can help with that, too!
  • Follow up training – Make sure your employees have hit specific targets and goals in their training.

7 Reasons to Outsource Computer Software Training

Corporate executives are looking for fresh ways to approach training. North American companies spend about 42 percent of their training budget on outsourced activities. Nearly half of all companies increase their outsourced training budgets year over year. Here’s the advantages they gain:

  1. Expertise from the best trainers in the business. For most companies, training is a necessity, but it’s not core to
    their business. Leaving software training to experts is a much better option!
  2. Fresh ideas and approach. Outsourcing opens enterprises to a fresh set of ideas, capabilities, and experience beyond its own walls. Software trainer insights from Executive Boutique can transform how things are done and provide a platform for innovation.
  3. Improved flexibility and scalability. You may need to train some employees now and some employees later. You may have employees with beginner training needs and employees with advanced training needs. It costs a lot to maintain a full-time internal staff. Using an external supplier lets you deliver the training you need, when you need it.
  4. Speed to market. Most businesses operate under tight deadlines and need their workforces onboard with new software systems without delay or downtime. Get new products and services to market sooner rather than later by handing over the training to us.
  5. Risk mitigation. Using an accountable firm that specializes in software training is added insurance that the job will get done right the first time.
  6. Access to affordable talent. We employ the best of the best, who work for a generous living wage in the Philippines. The cost of living here is lower than the cost of living in, for example, the United States, England, or Australia.
  7. Bottom line profitability. Research conducted by IBM in 2010 found that businesses who outsource consistently outperform their competitors on key financial metrics, from Selling, General and Administrative Expenses, Earnings Before Taxes, Operating Income, and Return On Assets.

Choose Executive Boutique as Your Software Training Call Center

Executive Boutique Call Center in Cebu City, Philippines provides flexible, top-level software training for small to mid-sized businesses. We’ve served retail, wholesale, online, medical, manufacturing, insurance, hospitality, travel, financial, and nonprofit industries. Our software trainers have worked on behalf of the largest technology firms and possess computer degrees and training backgrounds. All training is thoroughly documented and personalized to reflect your company culture. Our clients receive full support any time necessary, day or night. We offer extremely competitive rates!

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