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Troubleshooting Software Services


Many businesses today are taking a more customer-centric approach by outsourcing troubleshooting support services to Executive Boutique Call Center. Our highly trained agents address problems quickly and efficiently, helping to enhance the quality of post-sales technical support.

Troubleshooting Call Center

EB Call Center offers a broad range of troubleshooting support and help desk services focused on achieving total customer satisfaction and loyalty. Outsourcing your computer troubleshooting to our skilled team comes with many advantages, including:

  • Customized technical support
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Agents available 24/7
  • Secure, multi-channel platforms
  • More affordable than in-house support
  • Solutions are provided swiftly, improving customer satisfaction

Our troubleshooting support services are backed by a talented staff of professionals who have the expertise to address any problem or issue related to hardware, software, compatibility, viruses or computer applications.

Long hold times and ineffectual tech support lead to frustrated customers and low satisfaction rates, which impact your bottom line. EB Call Center provides a superior customer service experience from start to finish, giving your business a competitive edge.

What is Troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting is a systematic approach to identifying and resolving computer or software issues when systems become unresponsive or faulty. In short, troubleshooting is focused on solving the problem or glitch that is causing your system to fail, malfunction or run more slowly than usual. For example, your Internet browser continually crashes; your laptop won’t power on; or your monitor suddenly shows the Blue Screen of Death. Viruses, software and hardware problems can wreak havoc on your core functions and productivity. Few companies have the resources to maintain an in-house IT department for troubleshooting sluggish computers or unresponsive operating systems, which is where EB Call Center can help.

Troubleshooting Process

The troubleshooting process begins with collecting detailed information about the lack of functionality or issue at hand. Once the problem is fully understood and reproduced, the next step is ruling out third party or incompatibility causes by removing non-essential components like keyboards or software extensions. If this fails to correct the problem, the next phase involves looking at the most common or obvious culprits, and then slowly narrowing it down using the process of elimination. Once the problem is diagnosed, the troubleshooter develops the best plan of action for adjusting or repairing the system to get it back to full functionality.

Computer Troubleshooting

Software programs, operating systems and computer hardware are constantly evolving, and need frequent updates to run efficiently. When your computer is running at a snail’s pace, showing symptoms of “buggy” behavior, or randomly crashing – it’s time to troubleshoot the problem. Computer troubleshooting can be a complex process, given so many variables at play. Old start-up programs, spyware or even a newly installed application can cause your entire system to freeze.

The success of computer troubleshooting depends largely on the experience and communication skills of the technical support team. Here at Executive Boutique, our call center agents routinely field questions like: “Help! My Windows won’t boot up!” to “I keep getting this error code.” We focus on delivering prompt, professional and reliable solutions when troubleshooting computer problems.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Your laptop won’t power on. The keyboard is unresponsive. An error code flashes when trying to access a file. Your desktop boots up but still won’t work. These are all symptoms of hardware problems. Certain issues can arise when hardware is paired with incompatible software, when connections or cables aren’t seated properly, or when hardware is incorrectly configured. Rebooting can work wonders in many cases, but sometimes you need expert hardware troubleshooting support. EB Call Center has vast experience troubleshooting problems with hardware devices and components.

Software Troubleshooting

Most PCs have dozens of programs simultaneously running, making software problems tricky to diagnose and resolve. Software troubleshooting is all about understanding the underlying symptoms and their causes. In some cases, there was an error when installing a new program. In others, slow performance can be related to your operating system. Viruses, malware and compatibility issues are other common software problems that our technicians can identify and correct with our remote tech support services.

Is your company looking to outsource troubleshooting support services? EB Call Center is your reliable, cost-effective partner for computer tech support. Contact our offices for a FREE quote today!

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