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The Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support Services

Technical support is an integral part of any business regardless of industry. This is especially the case for companies that provide online or digital services. Customers expect timely support when there is an interruption to the service they’re paying you for. This is where IT support comes in. While some companies have an in-house IT staff to resolve issues on the technical front, others are turning to IT outsourcing.

Why Outsource IT Support Services?

You should outsource IT support for the same reason you should outsource other non-industry-related operations like customer support and outbound calls. It takes the load off your shoulders, thereby freeing up valuable in-house resources. The biggest advantage is the reduced overhead. With few exceptions, outsourcing is almost always more affordable than hiring an in-house IT staff. With third-party outsourcing, you don’t have to deal with additional expenses, such as paid leave, severance packages, paid bonuses, turnovers, etc. Less overhead spending means you free up capital for use in other areas.

Create a Level Playing Field

Think of mega corporations like Google, Amazon, and Netflix. These companies have the budget to hire their own IT staff comprising of the best of the best, along with cutting edge technology. Smaller companies have no way of competing – at least not through hiring their own team. With outsourcing, their customers enjoy the same reliable and speedy access to technical support. This creates a more even playing field between young startups and large enterprises.

Third-Party Support Works 24/7

Having an in-team IT staff working around the clock is cost-prohibitive. Since the third-party provider focuses solely on IT and call support, they have the manpower to operate 24/7. If you serve international clients, that’s no problem. IT support is there for them regardless of time of day.

Even if a client is calling in the middle of the night in his or her respective time zone, a third-party provider can provide a range of support, such as software installation, site navigation training, app support, and more.

Outsource Your IT Support

IT and technical support is a necessity in this day and age of big data. This is where the tech support services of Executive Boutique comes in. Though we are based in the Philippines, we serve hundreds of companies spanning all industries and in countries like the U.S., UK, Canada, and more. Call us to get started. We are confident it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

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Why Should You Outsource Technical Support?

call center

Technical support is vital to any company for resolving tech-related matters on the consumer end. Sure, some companies have their own internal IT department. However, a full-time in-house staff is costly. This is why more companies – from local shops to fortune 500 enterprises – are hiring third-party technical support from countries like the Philippines.

Third-Party Technical Support Is Cost-Effective

Maximizing profit is the primary goal of any company. This is not just done through increasing revenue, but also by minimizing overhead spending. This is where hiring third-party services come in. If you hire your own in-house team, you have to pay the staff a full-time salary, including benefits like health insurance, paid leave, etc. There is also the cost associated with turnovers.

Another point to keep in mind is that technical support usually needs to be available 24/7. This may not always be the case, but more established companies need to have an around-the-clock reachability. Again, having an in-house team work around the clock is going to be extremely costly.

Flexible Service

With outsourced technical support, you pay for what you need and can scale up or down as need be. As your service expands, you can increase the volume of outsourced staff members. Likewise, you can scale back during slow periods. In other words, third-party IT support operates on an as-need basis. You are never bound by long, inflexible contracts.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is absolutely vital for consumer retention. According to an American Express study, 33% of surveyors indicated they would consider switching to a competing company after just a single instance of poor customer service. The same study also revealed that half of respondents have canceled a planned purchase because of bad service.

People by nature are more inclined to report a bad experience than they are on a good one. This is why it’s so important to avoid missteps that may result in customer dissatisfaction. With third-party technical support, customers are never kept waiting for unnecessarily long periods. Their enquiries are also answered by knowledgeable staff. Timely and knowledgeable responses minimize risk of customers defecting and/or sharing complaints on social media.

Focus on Your Industry Specialty

Whatever your industry, you want to focus mostly on your products and service. Of course, a business of any sort entails marketing, logistics, IT support, etc. By outsourcing, you and your in-house staff can focus on your industry niche while leaving the non-industry requirements to a third-party provider. In essence, all parties involved focus on their respective industry specialties.

Invest in Technical Support Outsourcing

In most instances, third-party outsourcing proves to be an immensely beneficial investment. Executive Boutique is a Philippines-based call center that helps companies in countries like the U.S, UK, Canada, and more. Whether you own a local shop or have a global presence, contact us to find out how we may serve you.

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Different Types of IT Support Services

IT Support Service

IT Support ServiceWith everything going digital and mobile, the dominance of providing exceptional technical support becomes inevitable.   

Mainly, if you are running an online business, you take advantage of the different technology available in the market to optimize business operations. This comes with the enormous challenge to keep up with the latest technology trends.

But with the different types of IT support being offered, can you identify the one your company needs?

Considering the size of your organization is important. If you are a small company, having an in-house IT support works best. But for medium to large enterprises, you can either have partial in-house IT support or an entire IT department.

While it is indeed, very convenient to have an in-house IT team, it can be costly, especially if your organization is of considerable size. To get the most out of your investment, you can choose to outsource your IT support services.

Different Types of Technical Support Services

The list that follows are the different types of IT support services on offer by BPO companies:

Network Setup and Administration

This task involves connecting existing resources such as computers, printers, and other digital equipment in your workplace. This also includes making sure valuable resources are accessible to everyone in the organization like files, printers and internet connection.

Network Security

This comprises practices and policies that guarantee the safety and integrity of your network and data. With cybercrime on the rise, safeguarding the security of your network is a critical task.

Desktop and End-User Support

This can be likened to a help desk function. The Task can involve troubleshooting of common network operating systems and software, as well as replacing components or hardware as they break or become obsolete.

Desktop and end-user support specialists are the first tiers of assistance when customers face issues or defects with products and programs.

Data Backup and Recovery

This refers to the crucial task of copying and archiving computer data to prevent data loss in the event disaster strikes.

PC Repair Services

PC repair service helps ensure that your system is running in tip-top shape. It involves identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer.

Remote PC Support or Helpdesk

Remote PC Support often allows an IT expert, access to your computer, remotely, to figure out what the issue is and fix it. This is usually required when problem faced cannot be solved by troubleshooting or installing programs, and is somewhat more complicated.

Email Services

With email as one of the most convenient modes of communication, there is a heavy emphasis on providing effective customer support via email. Choosing to outsource your email support, allows you more time to focus on core business.

Live Chat Support

This is one of the most popular types of technical support. Especially for online retailers, providing live chat support guarantees an increase in sales and higher customer satisfaction. Since live chat support runs round the clock, outsourcing this task helps reduce operational costs.

What’s Next?

Executive Boutique is your technical support call center partner in the Philippines.

Some of the services we provide include site navigation training, software, and app support call center, software installation, software training, and help desk call center service.

Our dedicated team of specialists guarantees to deliver exceptional customer service and are equipped to handle your hardware, software and mobile application support.   

Interested to know more, call us today and get your free quote!

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Call Center vs. Contact Center– What’s the Difference?

Contact Center

Contact CenterWhen you hear the words call center and contact center, what comes to mind?

You would probably think it’s the same – but it is not.

When you hear or think of these words, you would most likely conjure up images of people wearing headsets sitting in front of a computer, wearing animated or penchant facial expressions, either answering or making calls.  

These terms get thrown around a lot that we think they are interchangeable. It is true that

they are related, and they share similarities, but each one cannot be more different than the


The difference between the two lies mainly in the methods of communication involved as well as the overall customer experience.  To better understand these two terms let’s start by defining each one.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a centralized office or a facility, that is equipped to handle large amounts of customer requests communicated through the telephone, usually for an organization. Communication and interaction with the customer are primarily done by phone.

They are further classified into two types, namely, an inbound call center and an outbound call center.

An inbound call center receives incoming calls, usually from customers needing additional information or general queries, product support or feedback.

Outbound call centers, on the other hand, are operated more for the sole purpose of telemarketing,  market research, getting a solicitation for a charitable or political donation. In general, callouts are done in outbound call centers.

The earliest form of call centers can be traced back to the 1960s with the usage of a PABX system. Soon after, when call center operations were set up to provide customer support for airlines and financial institutions, the technology used at call centers evolved.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system and IVR or Interactive Voice Response were introduced. ACD enable call routing to agents who are available and with a specific skill set while the IVR allows computers to interact with customers through voice or by input on the phone keypad.

What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is very similar to a call center – inbound and outbound calls are also being handled. However, requests or customer interaction is not only through the telephone, but also through different digital communication channels such as email, chat support, SMS, etc.

In addition to ACD and IVR technology, they also make use of cloud services and VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. This platform allows customers to reach out using their communication channel of choice.

It is essentially a one-stop shop of customer care necessities. It has a call center, messaging center (for SMS), e-mail department, live chat department –  all under one roof.

A contact center, is also, frequently used by organizations as the home base of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is where most of the customer interaction takes place which allows capturing, storing, tracking, and gathering of customer data is made possible.    


Both a call center or a contact center provides the essential functions of customer service or act as  extension support of your company. Your customer may not be able to distinguish the difference between the two and may mix up the usage of both terms but what’s important is that your company is able to deliver on your customer’s expectations to guarantee satisfaction and maintain loyalty.

Executive Boutique provides customer support, business process outsourcing, and technical support services from our state-of-the-art facility in Cebu City, Philippines. Our servicing platform supports most communication channels such as voice, email, and live chat.

Why choose to be tied down to a long-term service commitment when we can work with you on a project basis? We also allow you the flexibility of modifying our services rendered to adapt to your business need.

Interested to know more? Contact us today!

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Tech Support for Mobile Apps: A Necessity for your Growing Business

Mobile App Support

Mobile App SupportWith the advent of smartphones, the world has evolved tremendously — especially in the way we communicate.

No longer are phones solely used for calling, it is now also being used for reading, writing or editing, shopping, making travel arrangements, making payments, so on and so forth.

We see hundreds of mobile apps created daily; Apps that are engineered to make life even easier and convenient.

As more apps are invented, the more tech customer support is appreciated. A new generation of consumers who are used to the lifestyle of instant gratification now expects tech support to be efficient and readily available at their convenience.

Businesses are also becoming increasingly aware of the significance of providing technical support for their online business platforms. They comprehend that staying relevant and successful is parallel to being consistent in delivering excellent customer experience.

However, providing technical support is expensive. Maintaining one in-house is no exception. Outsourcing your tech support is your clever move.

Outsourcing your Tech Support for Mobile Apps

App and mobile support is no doubt within the top five spots in the long list of tech support, an organization must provide. With most of our interactions done through our mobile phones, it has become an essential part of our lives, that we just can’t imagine life without it!

If you are a startup or if your company is now going digital, the fastest way for you to provide comprehensive round-the-clock support, without spending too much, would be to outsource. Outsourcing allows you instant access to a wide pool of talent at an affordable cost and frees your time, so can focus on your core business.

What You Get with Outsourced Mobile Support

Here is a list of benefits you reap when you outsource your mobile and app support:

Instant technical expertise

With a greater talent pool, you do not need half as much time in recruiting and training, because you already have experts in your midst.

Instant Workforce

You no longer have to concern yourself with recruitment, training, and payroll because with outsourcing comes workforce who are already trained and ready to provide support.

Saves Cost

Outsourcing lets you agree on a level of service to be provided. So you know exactly what you are signing up for and how much you will be spending for it.   


Whenever you need additional workforce because an employee is away on vacation or calls in sick,  outsourcing will take care of that for you. They can increase or decrease the workforce needed to support your operations.

Increase in Productivity

With adequate manpower supporting your operations, your calls are answered on time, and no call is abandoned, shorter or no hold time, and first call resolution is achieved.

Your Leading Tech Support Partner in the Philippines

Executive Boutique is your outsourced tech support call center in the Philippines providing customer service and business processing support. We are your remote IT support company providing your mobile and app support services, 24/7.

Our app tech support provides servicing through different communication channels such as phone, email, social media, ticketing systems, and real-time chat.  We make use of a priority queueing system to keep track of reported issues, and our dedicated agents provide solutions on time to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also provide in-app support and help you kickstart your app program by monitoring usage and detect issues or bugs that your customers are experiencing. We will even be there to walk your end-users through without them ever having to exit your program.

What’s Next?

Here at Executive Boutique, we understand your software and app support needs. We guarantee you a dedicated and responsive team, who are experts at what they do, to provide you the assistance you need round-the-clock.

If you want to learn more about our tech support services and to take advantage of our affordable rates, contact us today for a free quote!

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Outsourcing Technical Support to the Philippines

tech support

tech supportWith the high cost involved in recruitment, training, and management of staff, it is wise to outsource office tasks such as HR, payroll, accounting, data entry, customer service, and IT support to a tech support call center in the Philippines.

Here at Executive Boutique Call Center, we can provide you the unparalleled tech support team that you need to give your customers the best phone support.

Why Outsource Technical Support Services?

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2016, 59% of companies outsource because it enables them to cut on operational costs. 57% are now able to focus on their core business, 47% knows it solves capacity issues, 31% believe it enhances service quality, 28% recognize that it is critical to business needs and the other 28% take advantage of the access to intellectual capital, with the remaining 17% are aware that outsourcing drives broader transformational change.

Outsourcing Technical Services to the Philippines

The Philippines continues to occupy the top spot in the business processing industry. Data from Texas-based global consulting and research firm, The Everest Group, show that we continue to take 16 to 18 percent of the total outsourced services globally.

Some of the reasons why we remain in the top spot are:

English Language Proficiency

With English and Filipino being our official language, we have a good command of the language and a neutral accent.

Strong Emphasis on Education

The Philippines has a 95% literacy rate with 45000 Filipinos finishing from higher education institute every year,

Younger Population

The average age of people in the Philippines is 23. This generation grew up with technology and at a time where the BPO industry is booming. There is no lack of excellent employment options, and they are flexible and able to adjust to the changing market needs as required by businesses.

Cultural Affinity

Philippine culture is shaped by Spanish and American influence borne out of our colonization in the past. And with English as our official language, we easily relate to  US popular culture. We watch the same shows and listen to the same music. With the same interests, establishing rapport and connecting to foreign customers is natural for Filipinos.

Emerging Economy and Better Quality of Life

The flourishing BPO industry continues to provide 12 million jobs to Filipinos steadily. With better job opportunities and attractive remuneration and compensation available locally, most of the younger workforce is content and choose to stay for work in the Philippines. With the talent pool increasing locally, the BPO industry continues to grow, generating more jobs which have strengthened our economy and significantly improved quality of life.   

Why Choose Us?

We have a dedicated team of specialist at Executive Boutique who are guaranteed to deliver exceptional customer support. Our agents are highly trained professionals who are experts at handling your hardware, software and mobile applications. You can rely on us to be your extension team for technical needs.

Technical support our team currently provides is site navigation training, software installation and training, software and app support and help desk call center service.

We can seamlessly integrate our operations to yours. You can choose to use the systems you currently have, and, we can merge our data, or you may make use of our cloud-based platform, such as:

    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    • Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR)
    • Cloud Routing
  • CRM integration with Salesforce and other software systems  

What’s Next?

Interested in finding out more about our products and services? Contact us today to get your free quote!

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What it Means to Outsource Your Tech Support

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call DistributionHaving quality technical support can contribute a good deal to your company’s success.

Numerous studies, like The RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report, for example, show that 89% of customers have stopped patronizing a company after a disappointing technical support experience.

It’s typical for someone who has just bought a gadget to hurriedly unwrap the packaging, skip reading the manual, and immediately try to operate the device — only to get frustrated because they can’t get the device to function properly. Of course, this then prompts them to dial the 1-800 number to get help from technical support representatives.

In today’s modern age of supercomputers and intelligent electronic gadgets, considering the type and quality of technical support you provide, as a business, is equally important.

Outsourcing your Technical Support Services

Outsourcing is a proven and effective solution to cutting overhead costs and expand your business’ capacity. Sure, with an in-house IT helpdesk, comes convenience and immediate availability, but it is with no doubt, costly.

With technical support outsourcing comes:

*Instant access to experts at a fraction of the cost

Hiring the right talent is essential to running a successful business. But how does one find the best and the brightest without breaking the bank? Through outsourcing, of course! Especially for a start-up company, there will always be tasks that you will need help on a one-off basis like website design, or accounting.

*Allows greater flexibility

In the case of an online shopping website, there may be times, for example during the holidays, when you need additional manpower to handle your operations – outsourcing is your answer. BPO companies can work with you to provide service according to demand.

*Gives you more time to focus your efforts on what you do best

No one can do everything and neither should you. Majority of business owners are terrified of delegating responsibilities to others for fear of failure. But as an entrepreneur, you can only do so much, and it would be more beneficial to focus your energy on tasks that bring growth and revenue to the business.

Instead of spending most of your time sorting out payroll problems or searching for the best talent, leave it to the experts and focus on what you do best.

 *Saves you on operational cost

No matter the size of your company, operating costs is a budget concern. Instead of bleeding the company’s resource for the purchase of the new state-of-the-art equipment and it’s maintenance, it makes more sense to outsource so you can save on costs.

*Meets the demand of having 24/7 tech support for your company

Let’s face it – with everything and everyone within global reach, having tech support on standby 24/7 is a business necessity. The obvious and most practical way to provide this is to, of course, outsource.

Your Tech Support Partner in the Philippines

Executive Boutique Call Center aims to provide both small and large organizations with excellent technical support services, necessary to improve and sustain your company’s success.

Delivery of our services is supported by utilizing a cutting-edge cloud-based platform such as:

  • ACD or Automatic Call Distribution

This software enables call routing to customer support representatives who have the skill to best handle a specific need.

  • IVR or Interactive Voice Recordings

Our automated system allows interaction with callers through voice or touch-tone command which gathers required information. It can be set up to route calls to appropriate agents and deliver critical info on a real-time basis.

  • Cloud Routing

Our technology enables callers to be routed to multiple distributed contact centers or locations. It can also be assigned to secondary queues such as IVR or specialized ACD skills group.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration

Technology that allows companies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data with the goal of improving customer service relationship and drive sales growth and customer retention.

Our wide array of tech services include Software and Mobile App Support, Software Training, Software Setup, and Installation and Software Troubleshooting.

What’s Next?

Are you looking to outsource your technical support needs to save on costs?

Look no further than Executive Boutique Call Center! We provide top-notch tech support to companies of all sizes. Our agents possess computer degrees and have the relevant experience from working with big companies.  

Curious to know more? Contact us now for a free quote!

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Why You Should Outsource Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship ManagementAs a business owner, connecting with your customers on a personal level can do wonders for your brand.

With the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy, you’d be able to build a strong foundation within your business, improving your customer retention.

However, to manage an in-house CRM team requires substantial investment. And if you want to deliver top quality user experience without compromising on other aspects of your business, you’d have to put in a good chunk of your resources and time to make sure everything is lined up properly.

The good news is, the stress of putting together an in-house team can be eliminated if you hire a third party company to handle your CRM.

Although companies outsource their CRM to reduce cost, there is more to it.

Due to the fragility of customer loyalty, outsourcing providers have developed sophisticated sales and marketing system to increase your customer retention.

Other Benefits Of Outsourced CRM Integration are:

Excellent Operations

Third party vendors are continually developing ways of providing superior customer care services.

They are primarily saddled with one responsibility — retaining your customers and offering solutions to the challenges they are facing.  

You get to mine from a pool of experts who will deliver outstanding service to your loyal customers.

Furthermore, third-party call center companies provide regular training to their employees so they can keep up with the latest technologies.

Growth And Scalability

Outsourcing your CRM services to a third party company paves the way for growth.

With third-party companies, you’d be able to meet customers demand quickly.

Seasonal spikes like Valentine’s Day and Christmas create massive demands. And if you outsource your customer service, you’d be able to focus on other aspects of your business like product and service delivery.


Third party companies can be held accountable for the contract. And with a pool of trusted experts, quality delivery is guaranteed.

Free Up Internal Resources

By allowing a third party company to handle your customer support, more resources will be plunged back into the business.

You’d be able to focus on business expansion and other ways of adding value to your business.


Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire and train in-house staff.

By offloading the CRM service to a third party, you’ll save training time and also get access to industry experts with the technical know-how.

It does not only save time, but it’s one of the best ways of having a massive ROI.

Call Center Services

Here’s a quick overview of our call center services here in Executive Boutique Call Center.

  • Mobile App And Software Support: We use relevant data from your website or mobile app to create a comprehensive report for your online functionality
  • Software Training: Customers may experience setbacks when registering or making a purchase from a site. We can guide your customers through the registration process and also solve any issues they may have
  • Software Troubleshooting: We can help your customers (and you) to identify and solve problems in your computer
  • Site Navigation: Our team of experts will help your customers resolve any technical issues that are preventing them from maximizing the full benefits of your products or services
  • Software Setup And Installation: We can help you with the installation of a fully functional system

What’s Next?

We provide professional support to small and mid-sized businesses.

We can help you manage your telemarketing, customer support, technical support, and back-office administration.

Our skilled and certified agents offer higher-level services, and they’ve worked for leading tech brands.

Whether you’re in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, financial, wholesale, insurance, travel, and non-profit industry, we can help you grow your business to greater heights.

Get a free quote today!

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Advantages of Outsourcing Computer Software Training

Online Computer Training

As technology continues to improve, software and apps are constantly being updated.

As an organization, you need to see to it that your staff is equipped and updated with the latest; therefore providing proper and prompt training is critical to making sure customer service levels do not suffer.

Ever since business organizations are finding ways to save on training costs. They also want a different and more modern approach to training.

This is primarily the reason why companies of all sizes continue to rely on outsourced tech support in the Philippines, and Executive Boutique is your software training call center partner here.

Benefits of Outsourcing Computer Software Training

Here are seven reasons why you should start outsourcing your computer software training:


Talents that are hired by BPO companies are experts in their field and trainers are no exception.

Although training is an essential endeavor for companies, for a majority of them though, it is not a core function. Therefore as a company, you stand more to gain when you outsource and leave the training to the experts.

Modern approach

Trainers from external companies bring a fresh and different approach because their training style is mostly different from what one is used to in a company.  It is a refreshing break from a company’s training technique which has probably been the same since day one..


Training is not an everyday undertaking So maintaining an in-house training team is not ideal, not to mention, expensive. By deciding to outsource, you can send your staff for training only when there is a need for it. So why maintain an in-house training staff and pay them regularly when you can choose to pay for online computer training, on demand when you need it?

Speed to Market

Companies have deadlines to meet, and when systems and technology undergo enhancements, they need their staff onboard with it – asap! Executive Boutique guarantees to market your new products and services sooner – rather than later.

Job Satisfaction

We are a reliable company, and we specialize in software training. With the expertise of our technical support team, we guarantee your staff will be adequately trained and competent.

Affordable Labor Cost

Not only are you assured of expert tech support agents, but also of affordable talent pay. Since the cost of living in the Philippines is considerably lower than other countries like Australia or the U.S.A, there is no scarcity of workers who are the best and the brightest because they are attracted by generous compensation.

Increase in Profitability

According to an IBM research carried out in 2010, organizations who outsource, continue to outperform their competitors on key financial metrics – from general and administrative expenses, earnings before taxes, sales, operating income and return on assets.

What’s Next?

Have you been considering outsourcing your software training needs but can’t find the right BPO company? Your search ends with Executive Boutique! We provide scalable, top-notch software training to companies of all sizes. Our software trainers are the best and have relevant experience garnered from working for reputable technology firms and possess computer degrees and training backgrounds. Our training approach is thoroughly documented and tailor-made to suit your company culture. Sound like everything your company needs so far? We’d love to discuss this with you further! Contact us now for a free quote.

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Growing Your Sales Through Tech Support

Website Usage Training

Website Usage TrainingIt all started with the commercialization of the internet, that we witnessed the birth of e-commerce. Online sites such as Amazon and eBay became the pioneers of selling merchandise online.

A few years down the line, with the success of the two online giants, competitors and other companies started to emerge. Fast forward to today, online shopping has become the norm – so much so, that we vaguely remember how life was without it.

Effects of e-Commerce

E-commerce has entirely changed the way we shop. With the ease and convenience of online shopping, online shoppers are expecting more and more from online merchants.

Consumers are expecting to get answers to their questions instantly. They want to be able to rely on customer support to be there for them to walk them through their online transactions and to provide a positive online shopping experience.

Now, more than ever, business organizations appreciate the value of website usage training. With the internet giving all organizations, no matter the size, the ability to reach more consumers on a global scale, companies are emphasizing on providing technical support to both staff and consumers.

Website usage training for staff means they are updated with the latest enhancements to your product or website. While for consumers, it simply means a support team is there for them to guide them through navigating the site or resetting their password.

Tech Support for Online Retail

Especially for companies running an online shopping website, providing tech support is advantageous.  

It does not matter how beautifully designed and user-friendly your website is; it does not guarantee you increase in sales.

There will always be consumers who are either technologically challenged and are not savvy with  website navigation. And there are those who require shopping cart assistance – those who will only feel secure when a live human being inputs their credit card details to complete the purchase.

Outsourcing e-Commerce Tech Support

With technical support being a niche and a costly endeavor, businesses are outsourcing their technical support needs to save on costs. Not only is it affordable, but it also brings the following benefits:

Projects a Good Image

Providing live support makes your company look service-oriented. It assures your customer that you are there for them on standby, ready to help them anytime at their convenience.

Provides Positive Experience

Especially for first time users, being there for them, walking them through the entire shopping experience makes them feel no different than being in an actual store, maybe even better. Having someone greet them at the onset, being shown the products that are relevant to them, being offered promotions or discounts while browsing, their questions answered right away – the entire real-time interaction brings their shopping experience to the next level.

Good Resource for Marketing

To sustain customer interest, you must always innovate and continue to offer products that are relevant.

With the digital footprint left by consumers, it becomes a vast and vital resource for improving your marketing strategy.  

Increases Sales

With the ongoing issues of identity theft and credit card fraud, may online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. When you have customer support on standby, they gain confidence and are assured when someone is there to walk them through the process and thus increases your sale conversion rating.

What’s Next?

Considering a technical support call center in the Philippines? Look no further than Executive Boutique.

We offer a wide range of technical support services such as software training, setup and installation, software troubleshooting, mobile app support, at extremely desirable and competitive rates. Call us today for a free quote!

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