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Benefits that Outsourcing Software Training Brings

Software Training

Software TrainingThe times are changing.

Technology is developing and quickly evolving, that to keep up and stay competitive, businesses are perennially faced with financial challenges in their struggle to remain relevant today.

BPO companies have emerged to answer the need of providing support to business solutions of organizations.

Companies have long been outsourcing business functions such as Human Resource Services, Payroll and Accounting Services, Healthcare Services, etc. And perhaps the most popular of all – technical support.

Tech support is the number one business function that is outsourced since it is a highly specialized field and tech people undergo extensive training and are certified experts.  

Rather than hiring in-house IT staff, outsourcing tech support will bring your company tremendous savings.

One aspect of technical support is software training.

Software training is crucial as it keeps you and your staff updated and proficient with the latest technology. It boosts employee confidence and brings job satisfaction which in turn, result in  efficient, capable and highly productive employees.

At Executive Boutique, our software training services include:

  • New software setup and installation – we assist with installing fully functional systems
  • Software troubleshooting – we provide remote support and help you determine and resolve issues.
  • On-demand video tutorials – we have video tutorials to help you understand the software
  • Webinars – we also host informative and helpful seminars via web
  • Live classes – we have class sessions that you can attend remotely
  • Coaching – we can monitor and coach employees to help them improve
  • Live session tutorials – we conduct one on one sessions with employees and walk them through everything
  • Consulting – if you need tips on preparing useful training materials, we can work on that with you too!
  • Follow up training – We are there with you all step of the way. We share your goal of making sure your employees go through their training with flying colors.

Though companies face budget constraints, they are, however, loosening their purse strings when it comes to software training since organizations do not want to go back to the old way learning is carried out. Companies desire real change.

Benefits of outsourcing software training

According to the KPMG Global IT-BPO Outsourcing Deals Analysis, 42% of companies from both North and South America, 35% from the Middle East and Europe and 23% from Asia and the Pacific have turned to outsourcing. More and more companies are increasing their outsourcing budget every year because of the real value they get for their money. Here are some of the benefits they are enjoying:

1. Access to talent.

Software training is a necessity for every technology-based company. As software is continuously improved and developed, employees need to be trained to stay up to date.

However, training is not a core business function, so organizations are delegating training tasks to the experts.  

2. Gain fresh perspective.

When an outsourced tech support team does training, new ideas and approach are introduced. It is a break from the usual mold.

3. Allows scalable resources.

An in-house training team is a fixed resource, and it also requires you to have a staff with different skills and talents. Training, on the other hand, does not happen every day. Outsourcing your software training frees you from the burden of having an internal team on the payroll but at the same time, allows your employees to be trained by experts when it is required.

4. Quick ramp up.

In business operations, there are deadlines to beat, and sometimes this involves getting your employees onboard and updated in record time with the new software deployment. When you leave the training to us at Executive Boutique, we guarantee that your staff will be ready in no time!

5. Due Diligence.

Training your employees makes them adequate and prevents them from making costly mistakes. It reduces your risks.

6. Cost Reduction.

This is the number one reason why companies turn to outsourcing. All the points already mentioned above yields to this outcome.

What’s Next?

We offer top notch software training for companies of all sizes at Executive Boutique.

Our software trainers are highly skilled and have experience with the latest technology. Contact us today for more information and for a free quote.

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