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Why You Should Outsource Your Software Installation Support

Software Installation

Software InstallationMore and more businesses every day are taking advantage of the different types of technology to increase productivity. And with the constant enhancement to software programs, it can become a monumental challenge to keep up with the latest without breaking the bank.

Thus, companies choose to move some of their functions, processes, activities, and decision responsibility to an outside provider to save on operational costs. This business strategy, called outsourcing, allows organizations to focus on their core business and access to a workforce who are certified and experts at their field of study, enhance customer service, provide operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and most importantly, save on business expenditure.

IT support is probably the number one business function that is outsourced for the apparent reason that maintaining an in-house IT team is a costly endeavor. And at Executive Boutique, we can provide you with the professional IT support services that are just right for you and your business organization.

Software Installation

With the non-stop enhancements and improvements done with software technology, an installation may be more complicated than ever, especially if your company is not specializing in IT. Rather than maintaining an in-house IT team which would be expensive, why not save yourself the trouble and leave your technical support needs to the experts?

Our certified expert technicians can assist in all areas of software installation, and we guarantee error-free support for software applications, networking devices, and other PC peripherals.

Our services include:

  • Remote software installation & desktop support
  • Email server installation and integration
  • Windows, Apple and Linux servers and applications installation
  • Installation of compatible drivers for PC peripherals
  • 24/7 access to trained technicians

When a program is not running correctly, the problem usually lies in software incompatibility. This stems from the fact that there exists a wide range of operating systems, browsers, hardware and networks used. At Executive Boutique, we test compatibility before installation to ensure programs run properly with the latest updates.

With our installation services, we guarantee you:

  • A virus free system
  • Solid network security
  • Zero risks of data loss
  • Significant improvement in productivity
  • Pirated or corrupt software is eliminated

Software Installation Call Center

Perhaps the best thing about outsourcing your IT support to us is the fact that we are a call center and we are just one call away. There is, absolutely, no need to wait for a technician!

Our tech support agents are highly capable and can perform custom software installations remotely. And with our round the clock operations, we are ready to serve clients wherever they are across the globe.

What’s Next?

At Executive Boutique, we offer a wide range of support for both traditional and multi platform requirements. Whether you need work-order software or a web-based administrative dashboard, operate using Apple OS X, Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows, we will make software installation a breeze for you.

We guarantee you affordable and worry-free support for all of your software and technical support needs.

Call us or email us today for a free quote!

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