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HIPAA Scheduling

Choose Executive Boutique Call Center for HIPAA compliant call center scheduling. At our Philippine call center, every agent working on your health care account has HIPAA compliance training certification and years of experience operating in a security-minded culture. We are continuously updating our standards to safeguard your patient information and protect sensitive data in accordance with newly arising security threats, technology, and regulations.

Contact us to learn more about surprisingly affordable appointment scheduling services outsourced to our HIPAA compliant call center.


HIPAA Compliant Call Center Scheduling

There are many scenarios where patient privacy may be breached during appointment scheduling if your healthcare office staff is not careful. HIPAA compliant appointment scheduling addresses concerns such as:

  • What mandates does the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act place on appointment scheduling?
  • How can you ensure that all patient communications are confidential and secure?
  • How do you verify the identity of the person with whom you are speaking?
  • Is it okay to leave a voice mail with the date and time of an upcoming procedure?
  • How much information can you leave with other members of a household?
  • Are work voicemail systems secure or accessible to other employees?
  • What information are you allowed to share over the phone with a person scheduling an appointment?
  • How can you reach patients who wish to be contacted during off-hours, when your office is not open?

When you want to keep your scheduling in-house, our HIPAA compliance training offers your staff helpful guidelines, tip sheets, testing, and more to ensure that everyone is in accordance with the law. For example, your employees will learn that something as simple as saying an appointment reminder is from “Gynecology Associates” can be sharing too much information; it is preferable to say that the reminder is from “Dr. Jones.”

We provide templates for calling patients that provides just enough information to jog a patient’s memory, without giving unauthorized parties knowledge of a patient’s whereabouts and personal information. We’ll help your office set up protocols to elicit patient preferences and protect yourself from HIPAA violations.


Scheduling with a Call Center

Executive Boutique Call Center is a robust organization that can go beyond mere HIPAA compliance training to provide full HIPAA compliant scheduling services. We offer clients in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada support for:

  • Medical answering service for both emergencies and routine inquiries
  • Text and email appointment reminder solutions
  • Web-based staffing schedule management tools
  • Class, event, and training reminders
  • Web chat / call-back and website support customer service
  • Online appointment scheduling tools
  • Automated and live agent appointment reminder call service
  • Medical paging service and staff scheduling support
  • Disaster recovery initiatives

Scheduling with a call center is the easiest way to remain in compliance with HIPAA and meet the demands of your busy medical office. We understand your needs and have extensive experience operating in a highly regulated industry.


Benefits of Outsourcing Scheduling

Accurate handling of appointment scheduling and rescheduling can be a time-consuming and tedious drain on your office resources. Outsourcing the job to a trusted call center lifts the burden from your office, so you can focus on your core duties of providing quality medical care, increasing productivity, and streamlining office workflow.

A fully trained team of dedicated call center agents represents your interests 24/7, assisting with the scheduling of procedures, treatments, medical tests, office visits, consultations, and whatever else you may need. HIPAA compliant scheduling from Executive Boutique Call Center includes built-in efficiencies to avoid double-booking, last-minute cancellations, and no-shows, therefore boosting your bottom line and office efficiency.

Say good-bye to worries about researching and investing in the latest software and technologies. We’ve already done that for you! Our extremely secure network and rigorous protocols prevent eavesdropping, security breaches, and mishandling of protected data. We use technical, physical, and administrative safeguards to ensure that patient information remains private at every turn.


HIPAA Compliant Scheduling in the Philippines

Compared to HIPAA scheduling software, a HIPAA compliant call center delivers warm, personal customer service from real, live people. We can help patients connect with the right people to get more information on their appointments, without informing the wrong people or putting their data at risk.

Technology has come a long way, but it still can’t compete with individual attention from a dedicated agent. Being based in Cebu City, Philippines, where operating expenses and the cost of living are much lower, we are able to offer this level of service without costing your office a fortune. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on HIPAA compliant scheduling in the Philippines.

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