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Three Ways to Refine Call Center Morale

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Taking consecutive calls from disgruntled customers on a daily basis can lower the morale of your call center agents. It’s because of this that you need to find ways to help ease that stress your team is contending with, and create a positive atmosphere on your office.

Allow me to share with you 3 things that can help improve your call center agent’s morale.


Having goals is a best practice among all Call Centers. What is not always a best practice is recognizing when someone has done a tremendous job in achieving their goals. Whether they need to be recognized on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, having some public recognition given to each representative who achieves their goals is vital towards creating a positive morale.

In contrast to this, if there is any constructive criticism to be given, it should be done in private. This will help keep each representative engaged, and knowing anytime they are publicly recognized; it is a positive achievement.

Representative Feedback

Each representative has an idea of how things are going, and what can be done to improve the overall customer experience. Often, they are not asked for their opinion, which can cause them to feel devalued over time. By engaging with each representative, and asking them for their ideas on how to improve performance, they feel as if they partly have control over how the call center operates.

The more invested a representative is to the health of the organization, they better they will perform. This sense of collaboration also helps improve communication among all team members with management, which helps solidify a team atmosphere rather than a contentious one.

Empower them with Knowledge

When a customer calls in and knows more about a product or a current deal than the representative does, this can lead to little satisfaction among customers, and causes morale to sink within the call center. Since the representatives are the front line in dealing with the companies customers, they need to have all the information available to them to answer any and all inquiries.

This may mean setting up separate training sessions for individual representatives, or having weekly morning meetings with the team to ensure they know all of the current promotions. Each call center is unique, and how the information is communicated will vary, but the important aspect to this is there is communication taking place, so the representatives are fully informed, and can meet the customer’s expectations in taking care of any issue.


Overall, keeping the representatives engaged while creating a healthy and positive work environment takes time and effort. By refining the call center morale on a consistent basis, you help keep the representatives engaged, which can create a better customer engagement process for all involved.

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