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Business Process Outsourcing

Indicators You Should Start Outsourcing Some of Your Business Tasks

Business Tasks
Business Tasks

So much to do in so little time? Are you feeling overwhelmed that you are now starting to question whether you made the right decision when you started your business years back?

Looking back to the day your company first opened its doors, there was so much excitement, and it was indeed a long time dream coming to fruition.

Fast forward to today – your work hours have just gone longer, and your weekends (or vacation) have become non-existent..

You’re starting to think your dream is slowly turning into a nightmare.

If you’re in this predicament right now, it’s a clear indication of that your business in experiencing growing pains. It’s the right time to start outsourcing. Here are other signs indicating that it may be time for you to outsource.

Endless Workload

From recruiting to bookkeeping, to accounting, designing your website to updating it, fielding calls and email inquiries – running a business is time-consuming. If most of the time, you find it difficult to keep your head above water, then, it’s time for you to start outsourcing.

Be wise and delegate tasks that are non-core business functions to ease your work burden.

Stuck in Business Operations

When you’re stuck in doing mundane tasks such as answering customer emails or calls, payroll, IT tasks, etc. – that you don’t have any time left to focus on coming up with creative ideas on how to grow your business, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to outsource

This a classic scenario that screams outsourcing. Start outsourcing office tasks such as encoding, scheduling, and customer servicing so that you get all the time you need to focus on enlarging your business.

Learning New Skills

Since day one, you have been learning to balance the sheets, keeping tabs on your employees, managing your social media platform, but you are not getting better at it.

As an entrepreneur new to the business, you may feel that you need to learn and be an expert, to carry out every function in your business, be a jack of all trades. But you don’t have to be, and you shouldn’t be.

Instead of spending precious time in learning and perfecting skills that are entirely new to you, why not outsource it to skilled professionals who are already experts so that your business can start growing exponentially?

One of the advantages of outsourcing is instant access to a wide talent pool of expert professionals. So there is no need for you to waste time in learning new skills.  You can take your pick from the best of the best!

Business Growth is Stalled

Noticing that most of your day is spent on daily tasks required to run your business? And that at the end of each day, you are just too tired to come up with new ideas to keep your business growing? Reflecting on this, you are confident that this is the reason your business is falling behind.

It’s time to reevaluate your strategy and decide. Start to outsource so that you can focus on the critical aspect of your business or you can stay where you are and accept that this is the best your business will ever be. Because after all, focusing on your business growth and keeping up with the current trends is all consuming.  

The Excitement Has Died Down

Remember those days when you couldn’t wait for your day to start at work? If those days are gone and you feel like dragging yourself to work each day, it’s time to make a change!

It’s a sad reality, but there are entrepreneurs who no longer feel the joy and instead are feeling burnt out. If you feel your business is draining you and you’re no longer having fun, pause for a while, and evaluate. Let go and outsource the things that are time-consuming and choose to do those that you do enjoy!

What’s More?

Start outsourcing some of your business tasks today!

With Executive Boutique’s stellar track record of BPO management, backed by highly-skilled agents and cutting-edge technology, you can confidently shift your back-office operations to our outsourcing center in the Philippines.

We offer services such as data entry, data mining, e-filing, claims processing, call center servicing and so much more.

Call us today to learn more.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Right BPO Partner

BPO Partner

After careful consideration, you are now 100% convinced that by outsourcing some of your business tasks, not only will it streamline your operations, but it will also increase your bottom line.  

Now comes the challenging part of choosing the right BPO partner who is a perfect fit for your business. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report of June 2018, there are 851 registered BPO companies in the Philippines.

With such an overwhelming number, how do you decide which company to choose?

Qualities of a Good BPO Company

The list that follows are some of the criteria to consider so you can narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

1) Tenure and Experience

The amount of time a BPO company has been in operation is an excellent place to start.

The longer a company is in the industry, the more experience it has under its belt.

Questions you can ask as the hiring company can be “How long have you been providing BPO services?” “What type of services do you offer?” and “How did you service companies similar to mine?

Experienced outsourcing companies have a better idea of what your needs are and how to meet them.

2) Services On Offer

It is always to your advantage to choose a BPO partner that has a diverse portfolio of services. It may be the case that you only need them for administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and data entry as of right now. But, as and when your company grows, a great BPO company will be able to support your growth and scale with your business.

It is a bonus, when the company can offer attractive rates for bundle servicing. You enjoy significant savings!

3) Sound Business Proposal

It is also critical that your potential BPO company can articulate the business plan in delivering your services, be able to track results and come up with concrete steps in resolving issues so that you understand what you are paying for.

It also doesn’t hurt if your BPO partner has accreditation in specific areas such as project management and quality control.

4) Technology and Infrastructure

Your potential BPO partner must be equipped with up-to-date systems and technology in delivering services to you. This ensures that your outsourced tasks are completed efficiently and promptly which translates to faster turnarounds and higher productivity.

5) Competitive Pricing

It is a known fact that outsourcing brings tremendous savings. So it makes perfect sense that  you would want to get value for your money.

Before deciding, carefully consider the package being offered – the services that come with it and the terms and conditions.

6) The Workforce

The success of your outsourced services depends largely on your workforce. So it is crucial that you are aware of staffing arrangements like how they choose their talents; the talents qualifications and background; the training programs your potential partner offers.

You would particularly want to know how many dedicated team members will work for your account to determine who will deliver faster turnarounds and best results.

What’s Next?

Be confident and choose Executive Boutique! We deliver excellent service and guaranteed results with our team of experienced BPO management, qualified agents and our cutting-edge technology. Get accuracy and efficiency at a fraction of what you are currently spending.         

Call us today to find out more!

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Why Philippines is the Ideal Country for Your Business Process Outsourcing Needs


Outsourcing might just be the wisest business move you make. And choosing a BPO company located in the Philippines is just an added bonus that’s also just as crucial.

The Business Process Outsourcing sector in the Philippines is the most flexible and rapidly expanding industries. It contributes 9 percent to our nation’s economic development and growth.

In 2017 alone, it generated a total revenue of a whopping USD$24.5 billion and is projected to reach a whole income range of USD$40 to 55 billion by 2020.

The Philippines – World’s BPO Hotspot

Since the inception of the first BPO back in 1992, our industry continues to be robust and thriving for the past 27 years.

So what makes the Philippines, the ideal place for outsourcing your business needs?  

Language Proficiency

English is considered our official language with 90% of our total population, conversant in it.

In 2017, we took the 15th spot  in the world with a score of 60.59 in the Education First English Proficiency Index. It is no wonder that we are one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world.

Owing mostly to our inclination to the Western culture, where we live, and breathe Western movies, music, and lifestyle, conversing in English with a neutral accent comes naturally to us. Using English as the medium of instruction at schools and universities also helps.

Younger Workforce

The average age of the Filipino workforce is 22 years old. With approximately 450,000 fresh graduates every year, we have an abundant talent pool.

Also with a younger workforce, they are dynamic, flexible, eager to learn and easy to train. Coupled with the Filipino’s ability to be emphatic, we are the most ideal candidates for outsourcing.

Strong Government Support

In addition to the existing BPO-government collaborative efforts, and in anticipation of the ever-growing need for workers, the government is showing its support by subsidizing training for applicants, matching and upskilling in preparation of our shift to Knowledge Process Outsourcing as well as promoting science, technology and the creative arts to further innovation and creative capacity.

Cost Efficiency

With our relatively inexpensive cost of living, labor rates are only a fraction compared to other countries.

Since operational costs such as office space rental, office equipment, taxes, recruitment services, legal services, etc. are borne by the BPO company, you are already enjoying approximately 60% of savings.

Add to that a Filipino’s strong work ethic, allowing us to provide quality service; you get more value for your money.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a reliable BPO company in the Philippines to outsource your non-core, back office functions to, count on Executive Boutique to deliver top-notch, quality service.

With the help of our highly-trained and professional agents, we are here to help you streamline your operations and increase your productivity. We will  partner with you in achieving success.

We offer services from routine data entry to claims filing and processing, to data verification, lead generation, telemarketing and market research.

To find out more, contact us today.

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Outsourcing for Beginners : What You Need to Know

type of outsourcing
type of outsourcing

You’ve heard all about it. The success stories of companies who are big on outsourcing, and how it continues to bring significant savings and guaranteed returns for them.

Now you are ready to take your business to the next level and are seriously considering outsourcing.  

But before you take the plunge, it is good to get a better understanding of outsourcing by learning it’s different types.

Different Types of Outsourcing

The business concept that is outsourcing was introduced to the Philippines back in 1992 when the first ever call center opened. The industry has grown so much since then that it, together with remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), is what drives our economy.

The outsourcing industry generates jobs and provides opportunities for the Filipinos household which can be classified into four types.

Professional Outsourcing

This perhaps is the most common type of outsourcing that deals with providing specialized service such as accounting, legal, recruitment, employee relations, and common office functions similar to data encoding and providing administrative assistance.

Professional outsourcing, which may also be referred to as Business Process Outsourcing, is proven to reduce overhead costs for companies, allowing them significant savings. Not only that, but it also has given organizations access to a global talent pool at low labor costs.

Manufacturing Outsourcing

This type of service could be the oldest type of outsourcing.

Manufacturing outsourcing involves working with an overseas manufacturing company to produce your products and services with the aim of significantly lowering production cost and shortening the period it takes to produce or assemble it. Companies like Nike and Apple are known to have long been outsourcing their production to companies in China.

Information Technology Outsourcing

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines can be likened to a two-sided coin. One side is the BPO industry, the other side, the IT industry.

As we all get digitally connected, the need for IT services has been steadily increasing.

Being the highly specialized field that it is, finding the right talent at reasonable labor costs has been the constant challenge that the IT outsourcing industry is continually addressing.  

A great example is giant, successful companies like Google, WhatsApp, and Skype who have been outsourcing IT developments tasks to offshore developers for years.

Not only is IT outsourcing allowing organizations tremendous savings on labor costs, but it also helps them save on equipment costs. Companies who outsource their IT services no longer need to invest in state-of-the-art technology, and it’s maintenance.  

Lastly, by outsourcing IT support, organizations can dedicate their time and focus more on core business functions

Project Outsourcing

There may be instances when companies need to work on short term projects such as website design or maybe, a seasonal campaign.

Project outsourcing helps with such a need where companies can hire workers or professionals for such tasks. It allows them to start on projects right away and no time is wasted in looking for local talent to fill in the position temporarily. They also save on costs as hiring professional services remotely are cheaper compared to bringing in someone in-house.

What’s Next?

You can turn to Executive Boutique for your professional and IT outsourcing needs.

We provide BPO services such as data entry, e-filing, contract processing, data mining, and telemarketing. Our highly capable agents are dedicated and guaranteed to provide you with top-notch quality service that you would expect from your employees.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to get a free quote!

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Business Process Outsourcing – Expectation Vs. Reality


We hear the word outsourcing all the time especially when we talk about business economics.   It has come a long way from being a foreign concept back in the ‘80s to now being a popular and winning business strategy.

By definition, we understand that outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a third-party company to perform services and create goods that were traditionally done by in-house employees and staff.

Outsourcing has helped companies boosts their efficiency while reducing operational costs. And the effect it has on the growth of our economy is exponential.

Common Misconceptions of Outsourcing

But even if we feel that we already have a pretty good idea of what outsourcing is and what to expect, companies who are considering outsourcing have a few misconceptions. Here are the common ones:

1. You will lose control of your business

Since outsourcing involves hiring a third party to perform specific tasks, for example, recruitment, companies may feel that they are handing over the reins to a stranger.

This is not the case, though because companies hire a BPO company to reduce the amount of non-value-added workload to the company. And non-value-added tasks are essential tasks but not necessarily core business functions.

So with outsourcing, you are actually in full control of your business and really owning it!  

2. Your Company Data is at Risk

By partnering with a third-party vendor, you share your company’s sensitive information.  

This is inevitable, however, but BPO companies take data security seriously. They adhere to strict security protocols and guarding all proprietary, and confidential information is of utmost importance to them and their top priority.

A survey carried out by Deloitte in 2016 proves that companies completely trust their BPO partners to keep their information safe. Only 23 percent of the respondents said that cybersecurity risks affect their outsourcing decisions.

3. It is Only Beneficial to Big Companies

A popular misconception – that only large companies benefit from outsourcing.

In reality, this is the complete opposite. Small businesses, including start-ups, are the ones in need; Because by outsourcing to BPO companies they get guidance and advisory services, not to mention support to their operations such as administrative tasks involving scheduling, data encoding; telemarketing and sales, research, call center, etc.

4. It is Expensive

Some companies perceive BPO services as only a cost. But in the much bigger scale of things, it is an investment.

Since outsourcing takes away administrative functions like Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting, it significantly reduces your expenses. The savings you get can be channeled towards core business endeavors instead such as expansion or innovation.

5. Your Quality is Compromised

Companies have misgivings about outsourcing to other countries. They feel that the end result is different from what they get if everything was done in-house.

BPO companies, similar to any regular company, strive for excellence. As long as you partner with a reliable and reputable company who have rigid quality control checks, there is no need to worry about poor quality being an issue.

What’s Next?

Executive Boutique is your reliable BPO partner in the Philippines. Our highly skilled agents and state-of-the-art facility can support your back office operations fully and achieve accuracy and expediency at a fraction of what you are currently spending.

Contact us today to find out more and get a free quote!

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Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation and Telemarketing

Marketing encompasses such a broad spectrum of methodologies. It also isn’t completely done online. For a successful campaign, you need to diversify your approach and not limit the marketing to one or two approaches. Lead generation and telemarketing are two methods that can be a part of an overall campaign for maximum consumer engagement.

Lead Generation Approaches

Lead generation is when a customer responds in some form. This may be a response to an email ad, an enquiry through your contact page, or becoming a subscriber. These people express an interest and have the potential of becoming loyal consumers. You need to especially cultivate this demographic with follow-ups.

You need to nurture these leads. There are multiple ways to do this, such as through email, phone call, or texts. Whatever the approach, what’s important is that you stay in touch. Don’t let the lead go cold; otherwise, you missed a huge opportunity.

Always adhere to marketing fundamentals. This includes:

  • End conversations with a strong call-to-action
  • Avoid promotion-heavy language
  • provide additional services, an appointment, or time-sensitive offers

Telemarketing Approaches

There are many misconceptions regarding telemarketing. Many companies have abandoned this method believing it to be ineffective in the age of social media. This is far from the truth. If done right, outreach by phone still has value. In fact, in one report, 60% of marketers from fortune 500 companies viewed telemarketing as “very effective.”

Of course, as with any marketing strategy, there is a right way and wrong way to go about telemarketing. Generally, an effective telemarketing strategy should include the following:

  • A pre-written script that callers follow. The call center may come up with a customized script that suits your demographic, or the company may submit their own.
  • The caller should be ready for a conversation and answering questions
  • Be willing to accept a “no” and end the call politely regardless of the customer’s response
  • Identifying the best times to call

Why Outsource Lead Generation and Telemarketing?

You need to focus on your industry expertise. Your specialty probably isn’t in marketing. More companies and startups are outsourcing this portion of duties rather than hiring an expensive internal marketing team. Outsourcing your services to the Philippines is a huge money saver compared to hiring in a western country. The marketing industry is growing in the country with staff trained in areas of lead nurturing, data mining, content generation, and so much more.

Marketing eats up such a large portion of a company’s budget. Outsourcing overseas can greatly reduce overhead, enabling companies to redirect their budget to better products and services.

Entrust Your Campaign to Us

Effective marketing requires a combination of quality and quantity. It’s prohibitively time consuming to focus on this aspect of a business. This is where Executive Boutique comes in as a third-party call center for businesses in the U.S, U.K., Australia, and others. Give us a call today and find out how we may be of service to your inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

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Latest Trends of the BPO Industry

Latest Trends

The BPO industry has come a long way since it first started in the late 1990s. It has evolved tremendously and grown by leaps and bounds spurred on by innovation and new technologies.

According to Statista.com, the global market size of outsourced services was valued at 88.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, increasing with 12 billion dollars from the year before, with the revenue of the global BPO industry at USD24.6 billion.

Based on the figures, the BPO industry does not show any signs of letting up.

With its steady growth, comes the onslaught of new trends for BPO companies that promises to shape and drive the industry to be better.

Emerging BPO trends

1) Usage of new technology

BPO companies are quickly taking to social media, software automation and using cloud technology as a means to increase efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Nearly every household have at least one social media account; Browsing social media, according to statistics, is the third most popular online activity.

With almost all interaction done through social media accounts, BPO companies are now investing in tools and capabilities that offer a wide range of social media management services.

They are also incorporating robotic process automation (RPA) for functions like data entry as it is cost-efficient and gets the work done faster.

Most BPO companies are also adopting cloud technology. Not all companies can afford to have state of the art infrastructure and facilities, so they are taking advantage of virtual storage and systems to counter this insufficiency.

2)  Data Security

We hear news of data breach that has alarmed global population. Major incidents like with Facebook and the recent one with Google where the CEO’s from both companies were summoned for questioning at the US Senate.

BPO companies will be prioritizing data security to prevent such incidents from happening.

Threat intelligence, advanced security automation, security analytics will be at the forefront of things.

3) Emphasis on Multiple and Higher skills

The past years BPO companies have been functioning mostly as call centers. However now that automation and chatbots are becoming mainstream, the demand for specialized skills such as accounting, web design, human resources, coding are increasing.

Companies are now investing in training and development to impart new skills to their staff.

4) Startups partnering with BPO companies

Startups are faced with the challenge to succeed by leveraging technology – in spite of budget constraints.

As such, companies are warming up to the idea of outsourcing for cheap labor and fulfilling office tasks such as HR and payroll. Outsourcing allows them to save on costs.

What’s Next for Business Process Outsourcing Companies?

Executive Boutique offers a full suite of services such as customer service call center, technical support, business processing functions such as telemarketing, lead generation, data mining, e-filing, contract processing.

We make use of next-generation cloud-based solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your operations. Our team of dedicated agents is ever ready to perform a wide range of office tasks to support your business operations.

Contact us today for more information and to get your free non-obligatory quote.  

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Service Level Agreements in BPO

Service Level Agreements

BPO. KPI. SLA.  You will see these words alongside the word outsourcing. But what do these stand for and what do they mean?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. KPI means Key Performance Indicators. And SLA stands for Service Level Agreement.

In definition, BPO is a business practice where an organization contracts another company to perform business functions on their behalf necessary for them to succeed. The metrics used to measure performance is called the KPIs. The KPIs committed to by the two parties is called the SLA.

What is an SLA?

An SLA is the measurement tool which establishes the baseline performance levels of the BPO company. It contains the description of the services to be provided, the metrics by which the services will be measured, duties and responsibilities of both the hiring and the BPO company, the remedies and penalties for breach, and instructions in the event you need to make amendments or adjustment to the agreed SLA.

Components of an SLA

As with standard contracts, there are components found in an SLA. The usual ones can be enumerated as follows:

The Service Expected from the BPO company

This lists the exact services that will set the standards of the deliverables. This way, any miscommunication or confusion is avoided at the onset. The hiring company has a clear set of guidelines of what to expect to get out of the partnership.

Responsibility of Both Parties

Related to the first component, the responsibilities of the hiring company must also be clearly communicated in the agreement. It is critical that both parties are aware of what is expected from one another so that no one feels taken advantage of.

Delivery Timetable

A definite time element must also be agreed upon. For example, if an email is received from a customer, what is the expected timeframe for the customer to receive an answer. If customer service through phone, how fast should an incoming call be picked up.    

How Disputes are Handled

There must also be an agreed outline or procedure in the event any disagreement may arise. Even though there may not be clear-cut guidelines as disagreements can vary depending on the situation, it gives both parties assurance and direction on how to resolve a conflict.

Corresponding Consequences if Service Expectations are Not Met

Setting a defined penalty if service levels are not met, assures the hiring company that they will get quality service from their BPO partner while at the same time, sets the bar of the quality of service to be provided as well as a goal for the BPO partner to achieve.

Payment Terms

The payments terms agreed upon by both parties give a clear guideline of when to expect  payment and the repercussions if payment is not done or received on time.

Importance of SLAs

SLA’s are essential as it aligns both parties expectations and responsibilities. It is especially helpful when a conflict arises as it acts as a compass to both parties

What’s Next?

Looking for a reliable company to outsource your business processes to but don’t want to be tied down to a long-term service contract?

At Executive Boutique, we offer flexible packages – may it be ongoing monthly support or on a per-project basis. We will even work with you to identify business process outsourcing solutions to help you save on time and cost. Contact us today to find out more and request for a free quote!

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3 Ways A BPO Can Help Your Business

Optimize Your Business Process

Efficient. Burgeoning. Thriving. These three words can be used to aptly describe a successful business in today’s increasingly connected world.

With all the modern business management techniques in place, how you make use of them can turn your business from good to great.

One such modern business management technique is outsourcing. It can be a source of tremendous efficiency within an organization if done properly.

Take the case of Alibaba.com. In its infancy stage, Jack Ma, the founder, outsourced his website development to the US since China was in short supply of developers. Today, they still rely on outsourcing partners for production. From its humble beginnings as a small internet company called China Yellow Pages, it is now known as The World’s Biggest Online Marketplace.

And then there’s Google. This multi-million dollar company has been outsourcing staff, whether IT specialists, software developers, virtual assistants for years. One significant achievement worth mentioning is after they decided to outsource phone and email support for AdWords – their top grossing product, it resulted in an exponential ROI.

The Ways your Business is Optimized through Outsourcing

While it is true that outsourcing can indeed save you on costs, that is not the sole benefit. The following points show how you can optimize your business by outsourcing to BPO companies.

1) Outsourcing frees you from doing what you are not able (or hate) to do.

No one is perfect, and there will always be something that you are not the best at. Say, for example, accounting. If you are not excited at the thought of pouring over spreadsheets, formulas and sorting out figures, this is probably not your forte.

Instead of wasting precious time figuring out the math, making sure you are up to date on compliance regulations, etc. you are better off outsourcing this function to a reliable BPO company. Remember that as an entrepreneur, you are contributing to your company’s success when you are focused on endeavors that will make your company grow.

2) Outsourcing gives you an instant team

BPO companies allow you the means to have an instant team to provide customer support or technical support even at the onset of your business . In today’s business environment, a company will die a natural death if there is no customer support in place for its end users.

Especially for startups who do not have the resources to form such support teams, outsourcing  levels the field and gives them a fighting chance against giant companies. Smaller companies can now provide the same services with the same level of efficiency and expertise as with larger companies.

3) Outsourcing allows you to start on new projects asap.

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be times when you need more than your usual manpower at certain periods or on a project basis.

Let’s say you have been handed a project that will give you the exposure your company needs however you are short in manpower. You cannot afford to turn down this project just because you don’t have enough people! Just turn to a BPO company, and they will be ready with the human resources that you need and stat!

What’s Next in Business Process Outsourcing?

Outsource your business processing needs to Executive Boutique and allow us to help you optimize your operations to achieve efficiency!

We provide BPO services such as data entry, data mining, data verification, lead generation, telemarketing, market research and the like. To know more about the services we offer, call us and get your free quote!

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Why Small Businesses Should Work with a BPO Company


SMEAs a business owner, there are so many facets in your business that needs your attention, despite you being able to do only so much.

Growth is the ultimate goal for any business. And this can only be achieved by staying focused on the main things that drive the most significant return of your investment.

Product innovation, improving your service, expansion – these are definitely worth your time. Overseeing documentation and paperwork, payroll issues, recruitment, training, marketing – these, on the other hand, are not

As a small or medium sized business organization, you probably lack the resources needed to have different departments running your business operations smoothly. And this is precisely why you should consider partnering with BPO companies to support your business operations.

Office tasks that must be outsourced

So what functions should you outsource? You can start with the following:

Scheduling and Administration

As a business owner, there are always small issues and tasks that need your attention. If you are not mindful of your time, before you know it, you probably have already spent an entire day doing trivial tasks.

Consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). With a VA, not only is your schedule arranged but you also only pay for the hours that are handled.


Finance is a critical aspect of your business. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake here. By outsourcing, you get the expertise you need at a much lower rate.


Payroll is not just about calculating the hours clocked in for work to determine the salary payouts for employees; it also involves knowing the right regulations and tax laws. You cannot afford to make a mistake as this can trigger labor lawsuits or tax audits that can cost your company’s revenue.

Content Marketing

This marketing technique deals with educating a specific audience to attract them. It’s similar to  indirect marketing where the aim is not so much as to sell your product, but it is more to educate them about an issue where your product may be an answer to.   

As this task is time-consuming, it is best to outsource it, as opposed to hiring a marketing team which will be unnecessarily expensive.

Why Should You Outsource?

It’s undeniable that outsourcing, particularly for small and medium-sized companies, has made a significant impact on the growth, productivity, and revenue of businesses. The benefits you enjoy from outsourcing are as follows:

Allows you to focus on core business

BPO outsourcing gives you the ability to delegate necessary but time-consuming tasks to a partner company. The more tasks taken off your hands, the more time you can devote to important business endeavors such as growth and product improvement.

Allows you to save on costs

Small and medium-sized organizations need all the savings they can get. The more money they can save, the more they have to spend on investment for business growth.

Allows you instant access to experts

With your limited resources, you need to make every penny count. This is especially true when it comes to tasks that you only need on a one-off basis like designing your website. Not only does outsourcing lets you zero in on the person fit for the job, but it also allows you the flexibility of hiring someone on a per-project basis.

Allows you flexibility

If you an online retail company, there will most definitely be lean and peak seasons.

Take for example at this time when its Christmas season, you may need more people to support your operations. Thanks to BPO companies, they give you the ability to hire more people (or less) according to the demand.

What’s Next?

Being in business means having tough competition. But, you do not have to be intimidated! We can definitely work with you so you can stay in the competition.

At Executive Boutique, we have the relevant experience and expertise gathered from working with small and medium-sized businesses like you.

We offer support in customer and technical service, business processes, and both inbound and outbound call center service. Call us today to find out more!

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