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The State of BPO in the Philippines

Smiling asian businessman in suit working with laptop

BPO in the Philippines

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has established its place in the Philippines. In 2018, it has shown a median expansion with a rate of 20 percent each year, which still has room for future growth.  ASSOCHAM, India’s apex trade association, reports that their BPO services have significantly declined since more and more organizations are gearing towards the Philippines. This is due to the versatility of the Filipinos in terms of skills since they appear to be able to do it all. Filipinos have neutral accents, have extensive knowledge in finance, IT, and even in graphic design and social media management. The skillset and talent of Filipinos have proved to be a valuable asset for BPO companies.

A projected $40 billion dollars in revenue is projected to be generated by BPO companies while simultaneously providing stable jobs for 2.8 million Filipinos over the next five years. This industry has also highlighted Individuals specializing in fields such software development, web design, back-office processes, and call center operations. Such professionals are in the frontline in major BPO operations which they provide quality businesses around the globe while also cutting costs for labor, streamline operations, and scale the workforce as needed.

Major cities in the Philippines like Davao, Manila, Makati, Quezon City, and Cebu City have turned as an outsourcing hub. This may be primarily due to the yearly produce of graduates and young professionals. After all, BPOs offer good work culture, competitive salaries, and numerous benefits. Some also offer the option of having to work from home as a remedy to the country’s unsolvable traffic and commute problem. It certainly attracts those with and without experiences alike.

The BPO industry in the Philippines has also proved to be a vital component in the growing economy. BPO and call center companies throughout the countries have accounted to nearly 10 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and are forecasted to employ some 1.8 million residents by the end of 2018. The Philippines’s Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has even  assisted universities to offer curriculums focused on training potential BPO and call center workers.

Executive Boutique

Speaking of Cebu City, it is also home to Executive Boutique (EB), one of the Philippines’ top BPO companies. EB provides excellent customer support, tech support help desk, and outbound calls. EB provides a desirable workplace, competitive wages, full health benefits, motivational performance bonuses, and team-building activities. They also boast a 3 percent average monthly turnover rate, which is way below the industry average which can sometimes be as high as 45 percent. EB also has all the key characteristics that companies and employees alike should look for from 24/7 tight building and computer security down to professional training and benefits for employees. EB has certainly  established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the BPO world. Surely you can’t go wrong with Executive Boutique Call Center.

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Outsourcing Strategy That Works

Outsourcing Strategy That Works
Outsourcing Strategy That Works

Deciding to outsource some of your tasks is one thing, but making sure that you have a solid strategy (or transition) to get the results you want is another.

Similar to setting a financial goal to be achieved at the end of each year, a business has to have a solid plan with clearly formulated action steps to follow to make sure one arrives at that financial goal.

Outsourcing, if done correctly, will result in countless benefits. It levels the playing field, especially when pitted against a giant company. It lends your company an air of expertise and gives it a much-needed boost.

The secret to ensuring your outsourcing efforts yield positive results is to have a solid fail-proof plan. The following are essential steps to coming up with a successful outsourcing business plan:  

Have a clear objective

Outsourcing comes with some advantages. It is essential that you identify what your main objective/s is/are.

Your goals may probably be along the lines of reducing costs, increasing your bottom line, using company resources efficiently, getting access to experts not available locally or internally, etc.

Having a clear objective sets the stage for your selection of an outsourcing partner and negotiation process. It helps you set expectations for your company as well as your outsourcing partner. It also allows you to come up with a criteria to measure your success.

Determine your scope

Once you have identified your goals, you will be able to set your limits and boundaries or certain restrictions. You will recognize your core and non-core business functions, determine what you can and cannot outsource and whether you want to outsource to one company or several.

For a startup company, you may want to hire a virtual assistant to help you with scheduling and administration tasks. If you are a medium-size enterprise dealing with sales, you may want to outsource market research functions or telemarketing. As a giant company, you may want to outsource manufacturing or customer service.

Know your budget

Without a plan, it is difficult to reach your goals. Having a plan also means knowing how much you are willing to spend. Especially, for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, who may have limited resources, setting a budget ensures you don’t blow things over and, you have adequate resources left for other endeavors like growth or innovation.

Having a budget, also allows you to understand current costs and performance levels. When you know how much money is coming out, you will be able to determine your success by also knowing exactly how much or if money is coming in. Being aware of this, you will know whether outsourcing is working for you, so you move forward or if you need to make changes, to improve further.  

Set your criteria for success

Once you have placed your goals, the scope of the services you want to outsource and determined your budget, you will then be able to formulate clear, critical but achievable factors to use as a gauge in measuring your success. This should be commensurate to your goals and budget.

Having a clear, measurable and manageable set of values and terms is paramount to achieve

outsourcing success.

What’s Next?

Formulating an outsourcing strategy that ensures success can be an overwhelming challenge especially if you are new to outsourcing.

Our team at Executive Boutique would be happy to share with you valuable insights and proven strategies that are borne out of actual and years of experience.

The services we provide encompass business segments including, but not limited to e-commerce, healthcare, financial, education, retail, travel, and tourism.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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3 Questions to Ask Your Philippines-based Call Center

Shot of a young woman working in a call center

For businesses in search of cost effective customer service solutions, outsourcing your incoming inquiries to a call center based in the Philippines can be an outstanding option. Executive Boutique specializes in providing organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to stay in constant contact with their clientele at a much lower cost, allowing you to get the absolute most from your investment in scaling your operations to meet consumer demands.

How Much Does Call Center Outsourcing Cost?

Many of our clients are surprised to discover just how economical our services can be. Our rates are linked directly to the level of specialization your incoming calls require, and so you only pay for the solutions your specific business needs. Factors that determine the overall cost of our call center outsourcing include the number of agents you need, the technical knowledge required of each agent on our team, and the nature of the services we will provide.

Executive Boutique focuses on delivering an upfront rate schedule that covers all related labor costs, equipment usage, and other expenses. Unlike with many other companies in our space, our business structure allows us to eliminate any startup fees and other hidden costs. Interested executives should contact our customer support team for a no-obligation quote that addresses your exact needs.

Will My Customers Be Able to Tell the Difference?

Executive Boutique does everything possible to ensure your clientele experiences a comparable quality of service as with a domestic call center. We have selected the Philippines as a base of operations because schools and universities are taught in English with American pronunciation and word usage. Every customer service agent under our employ has been extensively screened for the best available verbal and written communication skills, as well as minimal spoken accent.

In addition to having the best possible talent pool to select from within the third-largest English speaking nation in the world, we also take great care to bring you the most suitable workforce for your needs. Not only do we have sample voices that our clients can listen to on our website prior to committing to our services, we can also schedule a time for you to speak directly to some of our agents as well as individually interviewing them to determine their suitability.

How Does Call Center Outsourcing Work?

Executive Boutique uses a state of the art VoIP telephone system specifically designed to provide excellent call quality as well as high transmission rates (less than 200ms) so there is no discernible delay with the typical phone call, and our lines are open 24/7. The experience is almost indistinguishable from conventional telephone lines, and you can always arrange for a live demonstration before you commit to a contract with us.

As part of our focus on providing a seamless service that is virtually equivalent to a domestic call center, your agents can be assigned area codes and telephone caller ID from any location you choose. This means your customers, clients, and prospects should not find any difference between our international call center and domestic customer service solutions, giving them a reliable option at a much lower cost to your business.

Executive Boutique’s meticulous approach to call center outsourcing is designed as more than an economical alternative, but a fully integrated extension of your staff. Talk to us today about what our services can offer your organization.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Right BPO Partner

BPO Partner

After careful consideration, you are now 100% convinced that by outsourcing some of your business tasks, not only will it streamline your operations, but it will also increase your bottom line.  

Now comes the challenging part of choosing the right BPO partner who is a perfect fit for your business. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report of June 2018, there are 851 registered BPO companies in the Philippines.

With such an overwhelming number, how do you decide which company to choose?

Qualities of a Good BPO Company

The list that follows are some of the criteria to consider so you can narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

1) Tenure and Experience

The amount of time a BPO company has been in operation is an excellent place to start.

The longer a company is in the industry, the more experience it has under its belt.

Questions you can ask as the hiring company can be “How long have you been providing BPO services?” “What type of services do you offer?” and “How did you service companies similar to mine?

Experienced outsourcing companies have a better idea of what your needs are and how to meet them.

2) Services On Offer

It is always to your advantage to choose a BPO partner that has a diverse portfolio of services. It may be the case that you only need them for administrative tasks like scheduling appointments and data entry as of right now. But, as and when your company grows, a great BPO company will be able to support your growth and scale with your business.

It is a bonus, when the company can offer attractive rates for bundle servicing. You enjoy significant savings!

3) Sound Business Proposal

It is also critical that your potential BPO company can articulate the business plan in delivering your services, be able to track results and come up with concrete steps in resolving issues so that you understand what you are paying for.

It also doesn’t hurt if your BPO partner has accreditation in specific areas such as project management and quality control.

4) Technology and Infrastructure

Your potential BPO partner must be equipped with up-to-date systems and technology in delivering services to you. This ensures that your outsourced tasks are completed efficiently and promptly which translates to faster turnarounds and higher productivity.

5) Competitive Pricing

It is a known fact that outsourcing brings tremendous savings. So it makes perfect sense that  you would want to get value for your money.

Before deciding, carefully consider the package being offered – the services that come with it and the terms and conditions.

6) The Workforce

The success of your outsourced services depends largely on your workforce. So it is crucial that you are aware of staffing arrangements like how they choose their talents; the talents qualifications and background; the training programs your potential partner offers.

You would particularly want to know how many dedicated team members will work for your account to determine who will deliver faster turnarounds and best results.

What’s Next?

Be confident and choose Executive Boutique! We deliver excellent service and guaranteed results with our team of experienced BPO management, qualified agents and our cutting-edge technology. Get accuracy and efficiency at a fraction of what you are currently spending.         

Call us today to find out more!

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Why Philippines is the Ideal Country for Your Business Process Outsourcing Needs


Outsourcing might just be the wisest business move you make. And choosing a BPO company located in the Philippines is just an added bonus that’s also just as crucial.

The Business Process Outsourcing sector in the Philippines is the most flexible and rapidly expanding industries. It contributes 9 percent to our nation’s economic development and growth.

In 2017 alone, it generated a total revenue of a whopping USD$24.5 billion and is projected to reach a whole income range of USD$40 to 55 billion by 2020.

The Philippines – World’s BPO Hotspot

Since the inception of the first BPO back in 1992, our industry continues to be robust and thriving for the past 27 years.

So what makes the Philippines, the ideal place for outsourcing your business needs?  

Language Proficiency

English is considered our official language with 90% of our total population, conversant in it.

In 2017, we took the 15th spot  in the world with a score of 60.59 in the Education First English Proficiency Index. It is no wonder that we are one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world.

Owing mostly to our inclination to the Western culture, where we live, and breathe Western movies, music, and lifestyle, conversing in English with a neutral accent comes naturally to us. Using English as the medium of instruction at schools and universities also helps.

Younger Workforce

The average age of the Filipino workforce is 22 years old. With approximately 450,000 fresh graduates every year, we have an abundant talent pool.

Also with a younger workforce, they are dynamic, flexible, eager to learn and easy to train. Coupled with the Filipino’s ability to be emphatic, we are the most ideal candidates for outsourcing.

Strong Government Support

In addition to the existing BPO-government collaborative efforts, and in anticipation of the ever-growing need for workers, the government is showing its support by subsidizing training for applicants, matching and upskilling in preparation of our shift to Knowledge Process Outsourcing as well as promoting science, technology and the creative arts to further innovation and creative capacity.

Cost Efficiency

With our relatively inexpensive cost of living, labor rates are only a fraction compared to other countries.

Since operational costs such as office space rental, office equipment, taxes, recruitment services, legal services, etc. are borne by the BPO company, you are already enjoying approximately 60% of savings.

Add to that a Filipino’s strong work ethic, allowing us to provide quality service; you get more value for your money.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a reliable BPO company in the Philippines to outsource your non-core, back office functions to, count on Executive Boutique to deliver top-notch, quality service.

With the help of our highly-trained and professional agents, we are here to help you streamline your operations and increase your productivity. We will  partner with you in achieving success.

We offer services from routine data entry to claims filing and processing, to data verification, lead generation, telemarketing and market research.

To find out more, contact us today.

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Outsourcing for Beginners : What You Need to Know

type of outsourcing
type of outsourcing

You’ve heard all about it. The success stories of companies who are big on outsourcing, and how it continues to bring significant savings and guaranteed returns for them.

Now you are ready to take your business to the next level and are seriously considering outsourcing.  

But before you take the plunge, it is good to get a better understanding of outsourcing by learning it’s different types.

Different Types of Outsourcing

The business concept that is outsourcing was introduced to the Philippines back in 1992 when the first ever call center opened. The industry has grown so much since then that it, together with remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), is what drives our economy.

The outsourcing industry generates jobs and provides opportunities for the Filipinos household which can be classified into four types.

Professional Outsourcing

This perhaps is the most common type of outsourcing that deals with providing specialized service such as accounting, legal, recruitment, employee relations, and common office functions similar to data encoding and providing administrative assistance.

Professional outsourcing, which may also be referred to as Business Process Outsourcing, is proven to reduce overhead costs for companies, allowing them significant savings. Not only that, but it also has given organizations access to a global talent pool at low labor costs.

Manufacturing Outsourcing

This type of service could be the oldest type of outsourcing.

Manufacturing outsourcing involves working with an overseas manufacturing company to produce your products and services with the aim of significantly lowering production cost and shortening the period it takes to produce or assemble it. Companies like Nike and Apple are known to have long been outsourcing their production to companies in China.

Information Technology Outsourcing

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines can be likened to a two-sided coin. One side is the BPO industry, the other side, the IT industry.

As we all get digitally connected, the need for IT services has been steadily increasing.

Being the highly specialized field that it is, finding the right talent at reasonable labor costs has been the constant challenge that the IT outsourcing industry is continually addressing.  

A great example is giant, successful companies like Google, WhatsApp, and Skype who have been outsourcing IT developments tasks to offshore developers for years.

Not only is IT outsourcing allowing organizations tremendous savings on labor costs, but it also helps them save on equipment costs. Companies who outsource their IT services no longer need to invest in state-of-the-art technology, and it’s maintenance.  

Lastly, by outsourcing IT support, organizations can dedicate their time and focus more on core business functions

Project Outsourcing

There may be instances when companies need to work on short term projects such as website design or maybe, a seasonal campaign.

Project outsourcing helps with such a need where companies can hire workers or professionals for such tasks. It allows them to start on projects right away and no time is wasted in looking for local talent to fill in the position temporarily. They also save on costs as hiring professional services remotely are cheaper compared to bringing in someone in-house.

What’s Next?

You can turn to Executive Boutique for your professional and IT outsourcing needs.

We provide BPO services such as data entry, e-filing, contract processing, data mining, and telemarketing. Our highly capable agents are dedicated and guaranteed to provide you with top-notch quality service that you would expect from your employees.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to get a free quote!

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3 Reasons Why Executive Boutique is the Top Call Center in the Philippines

call center

You may have seen us mentioned in Business News Daily’s roundup of “The Best Call Centers and Answering Services for Businesses in 2019”, but wonder what makes Executive Boutique the top call center in the Philippines — and among the very best outsourced call centers worldwide. The call center you choose will ultimately be an extension of your brand, so it’s a decision you won’t be taking lightly.

Naturally, the first question you’ll wonder is: “Who is my partner? Are they capable?” Though Executive Boutique is physically located in the bustling call center capital of the world — Cebu City, Philippines, we are American and Australian owned, operated, and managed. As such, we attract business clients from around the world who are looking for a well-managed, yet affordable outsourcing option. Our company was founded by successful veteran business executives with backgrounds in IT, law, finance, sales, and marketing. We knew we had something unique to offer in our valuable insights and proven strategies from the real-world.

We’ve rounded up the top reasons we’re the trusted call center provider for hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses from the US, Australia, Europe, and Canada.  

1.    Highly Experienced Agents and Quality Assurance

Next you’ll be curious about who will be directly working for you. Our HR team follows strict hiring and vetting procedures to find the perfect team for your account. We check the educational and work references for all prospects. Every employee is required to pass National Bureau of Investigations clearance and complete a medical screening test.

When you choose our agents, you can be rest assured you’re getting someone who: has passed comprehensive oral and written tests; scored above average on IQ tests; achieved college-level education; and possesses prior call center experience. In a testimonial, one client from Delray Beach, Florida was impressed that “a lot of the agents EB recruited had previously worked at large centers on accounts for major companies including Dell, Microsoft, Lexmark, and AT&T.”

We create a desirable workplace with competitive wages, full health benefits, motivational performance incentives, and team-building activities — including beach parties and holiday events with prizes and recognition awards. Our pool of talent is second-to-none, and our 3% average monthly turnover rate is well below the industry average, which can be as high as 45 percent.

Executive Boutique’s rigorous training includes several days of orientation, one to six-week client product training, and continuous refresher courses. If you wish to oversee this process in person, we invite you to visit our office in person. If a trip is not feasible, most training can be done over the phone using GoToMeetings or Join.me. Our agents are trained to neutralize any accents they may have, so your customers will never know your call center is located overseas.

Our ongoing quality assurance program varies from client to client, but may include:

  • Energy and attitude
  • Use of filler words
  • Pronunciation and articulation
  • Speed and pace
  • Rebuttal and objection handling
  • Listening skills
  • Professionalism
  • Documentation
  • Process Adherence
  • Dialing readiness

2.    Advanced Technology, Security, and Reliability

The top call centers in the Philippines use the latest technology, but have also thought ahead to plan for contingencies. Our Voice over Internet Protocol system has the industry’s best sound quality and transmits at less than 200 ms, so there is no delay. Our flexible, hybrid PBX telephone system is a hosted/in-house system developed by Fonality under the name Trixbox and developed on the Asterisk software platform, running on in-house, Linux-based servers. Our network data is protected by firewall and virus protection, backed up daily, with 24/7 IT support in-house. By partnering with collaborators like PayPal, Microsoft, Call One, and Salesforce, we deliver superior quality technology. We use cloud-based hosting with Vici Dial / OS Dial predictive dialing. Each work station and server is protected by uninterrupted power systems, in addition to the building’s backup generators. In the unlikely event an ISP goes down, we have three backup telecom providers that allow us to find the best connection at the lowest price.

Executive Boutique adheres to the utmost security with:

  • 24/7 building security, with guards at all entrances, front desk attendant, and video monitoring
  • Badge-restricted access and fingerprint scanning for all employees and guests with proper ID and clearance
  • Tight restrictions on staff use of the internet, mobile devices, writing instruments, and storage devices
  • Video monitoring to ensure compliance with all security protocols
  • Strict computer security monitoring by our internal IT staff

3.    Flexibility and Accessibility

Working with an outsourced call center allows you the flexibility to operate to discerning customer standards — 24/7, 365 days a year. A major reason growing firms outsource with us is our easygoing, “can-do” attitude and flexibility. You receive your own dedicated agents, but you may hire as few as five agents or as many as you need. We have over 500 seats in our call center, with one team lead for every 15 agents. We offer both inbound (60% off our workforce) and outbound (40%) agents.

We have the experience, knowledge, and skill to run a full-service onboarding and training campaign if you wish or you can take a heavy hand in conducting the interviews, selecting specific agents, and overseeing the whole process. We invite you to come into the office for a visit or you may manage your call center remotely with screen sharing software. The team leader is directly accountable to you – contactable by phone, email, or chat every day. Your staff is supported by our IT department, training manager, QA monitors, project managers, and team leaders.

We work on flexible terms. There’s no annual contracts locking you in. We’re so confident you’ll love our services, we offer flexible on month-to-month terms, from 30 days on up. You can scale up or scale down, depending on the season or the successfulness of your enterprise. Small accounts may amend or cancel our services with a 30-day window, while larger accounts may require 60-90 days’ cancellation notice. The monthly price structure is based on the number of agents you need. If you’re looking for the top call center in the Philippines, contact us for a free quote to see the difference.    

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What is PCI Compliance?

Whether you’re selling handmade art at the local farmer’s market, or running a large organization generating thousands in sales daily, PCI compliance is something that has been addressed when discussing payment. 

That’s because company dealing with the payment, storage, or transmission of credit card information must comply with a set of standards and practices aimed at protecting consumers and businesses.

Examples of those required to comply with PCI standards include:

  • Brick and mortar retailers
  • Financial institutions
  • Online retailers
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Farmer/flea market vendors
  • Service providers

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is responsible for the creation and advising of safe and ethical card payment practices. This body is made up of major credit card companies who found it in their best interest to protect themselves and consumers. 

There are 4 Levels of PCI compliance for merchants, and 3 Levels for service providers. These levels are divided by the amount of transactions they complete, the amount of e-commerce transactions, and the number of accounts handled. Most small businesses are classified as Level 4 merchants since they typically handle between 20,000 and one million transactions a year.   

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance was initially rolled out as a way to keep up with the changing relationship between merchant and consumer, more specifically the way products and services are paid for. Online shopping was a major factor behind these efforts, with easier payments came more areas of vulnerability for criminals and scammers to capitalize upon.

But it’s not only credit card transactions to which these standards apply.  

Gift cards provided a new area of concern for businesses and credit card companies; gift card recipients were at risk for paying with empty cards and online merchants could get scammed as well. With the growing use of gift cards issued by major credit card companies, the safety surrounding these transactions are taken even more seriously.

Failing to adhere to PCI standards is not illegal at the federal level, but it is in the best interest of merchants to follow them. Complying with PCI standards is not only ethical, but also necessary in order to avoid fines, lawsuits, and other security related issues. Fines incurred by data breaches or fraud loss can take a toll on a business, possibly to the point of bankruptcy.

PCI compliance should be taken seriously by a business if they want to succeed, if this can’t be done in-house then they should enlist the help of a company to assist in maintaining the standards. Free of fines and bad publicity, organizations can then do business knowing both them, and their customers are safe.  

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How Call Centers Achieve PCI Compliance

Failing to protect private cardholder data can undermine customer trust and cause companies to incur hefty fines. How can businesses ensure that sensitive credit card information is secure and protected against fraud? By maintaining PCI Compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a set of criteria that were designed to make sure online sellers had procedures and systems in place to mitigate risk of data breach.

From merchants and customers to banking institutions, the security of credit card information affects everybody. The PCI standard applies to any entity that stores, processes or deals with private cardholder data, with a view toward decreasing the likelihood of cyber-attacks, identity theft and data breaches. Companies that do not adhere to PCI regulations can face severe consequences, including costly penalties, revenue loss and a tarnished reputation. Given the harsh ramifications of compromised cardholder data, it is imperative that call centers achieve – and maintain – PCI Compliance.

How do PCI Standards apply to call centers?

Under PCI DSS standards, any third-party call center provider that transmits, stores or handles credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards that are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, or Discover must comply with the goals listed below.

A PCI Compliant Call center must:

  • Create & maintain a secure network — Install a firewall configuration to safeguard cardholder data and continuously ensure passwords are unique and updated
  • Protect sensitive cardholder data – a PCI compliant call center must utilize multiple layers of physical and virtual security methods and never store PIN numbers or card validation codes. All data should be encrypted and unreadable to potential hackers.
  • Vulnerability management procedure – make sure that all systems are protected by anti-virus and anti-spyware and updated to the latest version.
  • Enforce strict access control measures – access to private cardholder data is restricted to only agents who have permission.
  • Regular network testing – Call centers must test networks for potential security issues on a regular basis.
  • Provide a security policy – this policy should outline protocols for operational security, risk analysis and other tasks for employees.

Harsh penalties for non-compliance

If a business experiences a security breach due to non-compliance with PCI standards, they are subject to financial penalties imposed by their acquiring bank. Fines can range from $5,000 up to $100,000 each month, depending on the specific circumstances of the breach. These fines must be paid until all issues are resolved. There is much collateral damage that goes beyond these fines, which can be avoiding by partnering with a top call center that is PCI Compliant.

Executive Boutique, a top Philippine call center, understands that PCI Compliance must be continuously enforced and reevaluated on a yearly basis per industry standards. We have the training, technical and operational requirements and checkpoints in place to help businesses avoid liabilities such as:

  • Damage to company reputation
  • Loss of customer confidence and loyalty
  • Dwindling sales
  • Penalties levied by credit card companies
  • Fraud losses
  • Remediation fees

Online compromises and vulnerabilities are constantly emerging. Protect against data breach by working with a PCI Compliant call center like Executive Boutique.

To learn more about the best PCI Compliant call center services in the Philippines, please reach out for a free quote today.

Additional Resources:

  1. PCICompliance.org, PCI Compliance Guide https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/faq/
  2. PCI Security Standards Council, Data Security Standard https://pcicompliance.stanford.edu/sites/g/files/sbiybj7706/f/pci_dss_v3-2.pdf
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Why Excellent Customer Service Matters

It goes without saying that people love great customer service. Still, some businesses settle for “good” service rather than going that extra mile for their customers. The difference between “good” and “great” service is that, in the former, businesses are only doing the bare minimum to keep their customer satisfied. In the latter, they are going above and beyond minimum expectations to ensure their customer stays happy and coming back for more. Some wonder why going that extra step matters – here are a few reasons to always do your best by your customers:

It reflects on your entire business

Everything regarding your business’s structure and functioning reflects on different aspects of the business itself. If you have good customer service, your customers will assume you have good products. The same principle goes for if you have bad customer service, and can pertain to aspects like returns, shipping, and other services. Even if your products are of quality, bad customer service will make a customer less likely to patronize your business. It leads them to believe that if they run into an issue, they won’t be guaranteed to receive the help they need.

It’s a marketable asset

From a marketing standpoint, excellent customer service is a great angle. It’s something you can brag about in your advertisements, raising your business’s likelihood of bringing in new customers. People love to hear that a business has top notch customer service, and if it can help you with effective marketing, it’s worth the extra effort. This works best when real-life customers talk about the quality of your customer service, so don’t be afraid to ask for public testimonials and reviews.

It shows that you care

When you take time to effectively take care of your customer’s problems, it shows that you care about them. This shouldn’t be put-on either, because your customers are the most important part of your business. Without customers, you have no cash flow. Without cash flow, your business fails. On a brighter note, customers who feel cared for are likely to become repeat customers and refer others to your business. When you show that you care about your customers, your business grows.

Customer service plays a lead role in the development and maintenance of your business. From the front-desk representative they meet at your location, to the service agent on the phone processing a refund, every interaction with your customer base matters. Make sure to leave a positive impact that they will remember!

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