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3 Reasons Why Executive Boutique is the Top Call Center in the Philippines

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You may have seen us mentioned in Business News Daily’s roundup of “The Best Call Centers and Answering Services for Businesses in 2019”, but wonder what makes Executive Boutique the top call center in the Philippines — and among the very best outsourced call centers worldwide. The call center you choose will ultimately be an extension of your brand, so it’s a decision you won’t be taking lightly.

Naturally, the first question you’ll wonder is: “Who is my partner? Are they capable?” Though Executive Boutique is physically located in the bustling call center capital of the world — Cebu City, Philippines, we are American and Australian owned, operated, and managed. As such, we attract business clients from around the world who are looking for a well-managed, yet affordable outsourcing option. Our company was founded by successful veteran business executives with backgrounds in IT, law, finance, sales, and marketing. We knew we had something unique to offer in our valuable insights and proven strategies from the real-world.

We’ve rounded up the top reasons we’re the trusted call center provider for hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses from the US, Australia, Europe, and Canada.  

1.    Highly Experienced Agents and Quality Assurance

Next you’ll be curious about who will be directly working for you. Our HR team follows strict hiring and vetting procedures to find the perfect team for your account. We check the educational and work references for all prospects. Every employee is required to pass National Bureau of Investigations clearance and complete a medical screening test.

When you choose our agents, you can be rest assured you’re getting someone who: has passed comprehensive oral and written tests; scored above average on IQ tests; achieved college-level education; and possesses prior call center experience. In a testimonial, one client from Delray Beach, Florida was impressed that “a lot of the agents EB recruited had previously worked at large centers on accounts for major companies including Dell, Microsoft, Lexmark, and AT&T.”

We create a desirable workplace with competitive wages, full health benefits, motivational performance incentives, and team-building activities — including beach parties and holiday events with prizes and recognition awards. Our pool of talent is second-to-none, and our 3% average monthly turnover rate is well below the industry average, which can be as high as 45 percent.

Executive Boutique’s rigorous training includes several days of orientation, one to six-week client product training, and continuous refresher courses. If you wish to oversee this process in person, we invite you to visit our office in person. If a trip is not feasible, most training can be done over the phone using GoToMeetings or Join.me. Our agents are trained to neutralize any accents they may have, so your customers will never know your call center is located overseas.

Our ongoing quality assurance program varies from client to client, but may include:

  • Energy and attitude
  • Use of filler words
  • Pronunciation and articulation
  • Speed and pace
  • Rebuttal and objection handling
  • Listening skills
  • Professionalism
  • Documentation
  • Process Adherence
  • Dialing readiness

2.    Advanced Technology, Security, and Reliability

The top call centers in the Philippines use the latest technology, but have also thought ahead to plan for contingencies. Our Voice over Internet Protocol system has the industry’s best sound quality and transmits at less than 200 ms, so there is no delay. Our flexible, hybrid PBX telephone system is a hosted/in-house system developed by Fonality under the name Trixbox and developed on the Asterisk software platform, running on in-house, Linux-based servers. Our network data is protected by firewall and virus protection, backed up daily, with 24/7 IT support in-house. By partnering with collaborators like PayPal, Microsoft, Call One, and Salesforce, we deliver superior quality technology. We use cloud-based hosting with Vici Dial / OS Dial predictive dialing. Each work station and server is protected by uninterrupted power systems, in addition to the building’s backup generators. In the unlikely event an ISP goes down, we have three backup telecom providers that allow us to find the best connection at the lowest price.

Executive Boutique adheres to the utmost security with:

  • 24/7 building security, with guards at all entrances, front desk attendant, and video monitoring
  • Badge-restricted access and fingerprint scanning for all employees and guests with proper ID and clearance
  • Tight restrictions on staff use of the internet, mobile devices, writing instruments, and storage devices
  • Video monitoring to ensure compliance with all security protocols
  • Strict computer security monitoring by our internal IT staff

3.    Flexibility and Accessibility

Working with an outsourced call center allows you the flexibility to operate to discerning customer standards — 24/7, 365 days a year. A major reason growing firms outsource with us is our easygoing, “can-do” attitude and flexibility. You receive your own dedicated agents, but you may hire as few as five agents or as many as you need. We have over 500 seats in our call center, with one team lead for every 15 agents. We offer both inbound (60% off our workforce) and outbound (40%) agents.

We have the experience, knowledge, and skill to run a full-service onboarding and training campaign if you wish or you can take a heavy hand in conducting the interviews, selecting specific agents, and overseeing the whole process. We invite you to come into the office for a visit or you may manage your call center remotely with screen sharing software. The team leader is directly accountable to you – contactable by phone, email, or chat every day. Your staff is supported by our IT department, training manager, QA monitors, project managers, and team leaders.

We work on flexible terms. There’s no annual contracts locking you in. We’re so confident you’ll love our services, we offer flexible on month-to-month terms, from 30 days on up. You can scale up or scale down, depending on the season or the successfulness of your enterprise. Small accounts may amend or cancel our services with a 30-day window, while larger accounts may require 60-90 days’ cancellation notice. The monthly price structure is based on the number of agents you need. If you’re looking for the top Philippines business process outsourcing center, contact us for a free quote to see the difference.    

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