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The Rise of Philippines BPO


For the past years, one of the major problems of the Philippines is unemployment. In 2006, the government identified some key employment-generating sectors to allow the corresponding skills of the country’s human resources. One of the key sectors that have been identified is the “cyberservices”, which is linked to business process outsourcing. The Philippine’s business process outsourcing industry has seen a huge potential in generating employment and will create a great impact in our economy.


While India is recognized as the leading global outsourcing destination, the BPO industry in the Philippines has strongly grown to become one of the major providers in Asia and serving primarily companies in the US and Europe. It is no doubt that the Philippines can do well in this competitive world of outsourcing, with the country’s low labor costs, presence of reliable technology and availability of college graduates who posses high level of English and IT skills. Furthermore, Philippines call center agents are easy to train and have a strong work ethic. They are naturally hospitable and service-oriented; these are the qualities that are desirable in offshore call centers. And now, with more than seven hundred call centers in the Philippines, it has been tagged as the “Sunshine Industry” by the government because of its enormous expansion and is considered as one of the fastest growing segment within the economy. Being a part of this industry, all I can say is that it has saved our country from the crisis; it has saved us from being jobless.

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