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Balancing your call centre life

A Balanced Lifestyle
We have lots of goals in life that we wanted to achieve so we work hard for it. Working hard really makes a person become tired physically, mentally and emotionally. Especially in a Philippines BPO Industry where lifestyle is very critical; sleeping disorders, too much caffeine, non-stop smoking habit and pressure at work. With these, sometimes we tend to forget the most important things in our life and in the end; we realized that it’s not worth it. This could be the worst thing that could happen to our work, health and relationships. So, a balanced lifestyle is very much needed.


Live a healthy way. Get sufficient exercise like taking time to walk when going to work. Make sure you get enough rest for it helps the body repair itself. Eat healthy food instead of eating too much. Drink plenty of water to replenish the body’s fluid. Cut down gradually on caffeine and alcohol. Alcohol is not that bad as long as you have a control of it. Set a daily goal and be positive in achieving it. Meditate for inner peace. Find some time to relax for it counters stress like a massage during day off or eating out with friends. And most of all spend time with family like a weekend getaway or a simple family gathering at home. As is rightly said by James Allen – “Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitable bring about right results.” So, love yourself, stay balanced and enjoy life.

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