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Philippine Call Center: Learning from Customers through Feedback

Customer feedback is vital when determining a customer’s needs, particularly when a business introduces new products. It also allows companies to better understand how customers rate and use their products versus competitive products. It is important in determining where a company’s products and services excel or fall short compared to alternatives on the market. It can also manifest itself in evaluating how company employees treat customers.

We are all customers, and as customers, it is a fact that we love to give opinion about certain products or services that we receive. In our internet age today, it’s very easy to communicate with people even across the country. When customers mention a bad experience on a social networking site, such as Facebook or Twitter, that number grows exponentially. Every customer interaction is an opportunity for feedback. Monitoring customer complaints can tip you off months in advance to growing problems with products or services that might eventually hurt your bottom line.

Instead of closing cases quickly, focus on understanding the needs of the customer and form a solution that addresses the entire problem. When a customer makes a complaint, there is always a reason; customer error, employee conduct, employee knowledge, product quality. Use that information to improve your customer service experience. But the most important thing is that the company must ensure that everyone in the company knows what customers are thinking by sharing customer feedback. When you make a customer feel good about doing business, he stays with you and will recommend you to his friends. It does not take much to get a reputation for bad customer service, and once you do it never really goes away.

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