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Call Centre Operator: Stay Healthy

Working in the BPO Industry can be an exhausting job. Working the night shift takes more energy than working on a morning shift. We need to be energetic when working in a call centre to let our customers know that we are customer-oriented and to let them feel that they are really important to us. Working in a night shift doesn’t mean that we are excused for being sleepy. We are not excused either for being late because we lack sleep. We really need to stay healthy in order to sustain in this kind of work. So here are some of my tips to stay fit while working in a call center:


Reverse your “body clock.”

Your scheduled task should be on “Eastern Time” and you must get used to it.
Keep awake in the evening and rest in the morning so that you won’t feel sleepy during your shift.
Have at least an eight-hour sleep during daytime in order that you won’t get sleepy during your shift.
Have your breakfast at 7:00 pm; lunch at 12:00 midnight; and dinner at the end of your shift.


Eat right.

Eat foods that is less in carbohydrates as this will make you fell sleepy.
Eat a right amount of food.
Limit coffee breaks for too much caffeine is bad for your health.
You should eat between meals so that your compensated energy will be replenished.


Take vitamins.

Take multivitamins as these will help you gain more energy.
Take anti-stress vitamins.


Exercise regularly.

Exercise regularly and at least for three times a week. There are some kinds of exercise to choose from like biking, jogging, going to the gym etc.
Spend some of your free time in a recreational activities like playing badminton or lawn tennis, basketball.


Have time to unwind.

During weekends, have time to relax and unwind by bar hopping to free your mind from the corporate world for at least twice a week. In this way you free yourself from stress.
Watch movies, especially foreign movies at least once a week. It will help you to enhance your communication skills.
If you have enough budget, try to have a weekend getaway by going to the beach or by nature tripping.


Have some time for your family.

Lastly, just enjoy and love your work in a call centre. Having a healthy lifestyle as well as enjoying your work will make you worth living.

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